.dawn yang or yeo?

yes, i read her even before her recent hoohaa. she has not much writing in her blog. not much fantastic posts but what i like about her blog is the wonderful pictures and almost non-stop partying.

i'm not saying she's a dumb bitch, do not quote me out of context! there wasn't much writing in her blog but on her glamorous lifestyle. that is until she got this endorsement deal...

i mean, i go to her blog to look at pictures only lar...

but then she got a contract deal! WTF? cool right?

Judging by the pictures, this girl is a knockout.

With her manga-heroine eyes and sweetie-pie sex appeal, Dawn - whose grandparents have Thai and Dutch blood - is a pan-Asian hybrid in the style of Fiona Xie and Vivian Hsu.

In person, the 21-year-old student is sweet, shy and understandably reserved for her first-ever media interview.

and then there's this shit...

haih, i can get every shit from blogs.
okay. she DEFINITELY did:
1) cut double eyelids
2) cut bigger eyes
3) reconstructed her nose to have a higher nose bridge and less of a button nose

1) work on her lips
2) breast augmentation

and she hasn't gone into the sun for possibly three years, seeing how she's so unnaturally fair now
possibly lipo-ed her face too

i have it on GOOD FAITH from someone in SMU who shall remain anonymous that dawn condemned people who have gone for plastic surgery, saying, "why can't they be confident enough about themselves?"

Admittedly, the testimonials above do not sound that reliable. And so, I present some Before and After photos, the former of which are obtained from the far reaches of the Internet.
via balderdash

maybe i should go for plastic surge too...

maybe my face is beyond repair even after plastic surgery! god damn it!

p/s: i don't really give a flying fuck whether she does plastic or not, a cun chick is still a cun chick. here, go read more! you fucking kepohchees... hey, that includes me too.. well, whatever.
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November 11, 2005


Edmund Yeo said…
Yeah, it seems that she and I really had the same surnames. (Which I addressed in the webcomic I did about her) Thought only the Chinese version was the same, didn't expect the romanized version is the same too.
Jimmy Ang said…
eliar yeo? haha!
Jessie said…
hey, the last 2 pics r dawn yeo's??????
u sure anot.. don't look alike at all...

anyway, i am yeo also...
yeo rocks


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