.being quoted out of context.

a lot of people in this world has experienced this one way or the other. i mean being quoted out of context really sucks. however, sometimes it might not be intentional. every listener and speaker has their own perception of conversations. usually, we impose our belief and most of the times, we expect the listener to catch the gist of our conversation.

however, it is not the fault of the listener... unless they're a journalist who did it intentionally.. it is usually the speaker who bears the responsibility to ensure that everyone understands what he/she is talking about.

if you want your message and belief understood by everyone, phrase it nicely and correctly.

for example, here is a brief example of what a boyfriend and girlfriend might have. after that, we'll see hw it could be misinterpretted by both parties.
girl: darling ar, monday is our anniversary hor?
boy: yeah, why?

girl: got buy anything for me or not?
boy: see you good girl or not lor...

girl: then what you want to buy for me?
boy: dunno yet lar.

girl: what am i supposed to buy for you?
boy: i want an ipod nano.

girl: wah! so expensive, where can?
boy: hahaha! (laughs)
this is just a simple excerpt of maybe a 5 minute or 1 minute conversation between a boy and girl. notice that the 2nd pair of conversation is ignored and the woman doesn't really care what the answer is... i mean, she'd give the boy hell if he buys nothing but the boy is trying to avoid the question by saying.."see you good girl or not lor".

however, see that in the next line, the girl doesn't really give a shit! she goes on to ask... "then what you want to buy for me". no emphasis was given on the "good girl" topic. she either expects herself to be good no matter how she acts or she's just trying to avoid it.

now, this is a normal conversation.

imagine if you're talking about your friend. you found out that your friend bought a pen for 15 dollars.

then a conversation occurs:
friend 1: wei, you hear or not, ah beng buy that pen 15 dollar wei! NIKE wan ar! dun play play!

you: so dumb, 1 dollar pen cannot use ar?
here, your emphasis is why your friend can't buy the 1 dollar pen. even if my friend heard me saying this to him/her about this, i'd say and loudly proclaim that i didn't say anything wrong. it is correct and damn ok.. 15 dollar?

but if your friend misinterprets your line and tells another friend...
friend 1: ah kau say ah beng dumb. hahahaha
friend 2: really? he so clever meh?
see... see how your conversation can get quoted out of context?

fuck those idiots who can't get their message out and fuck the other idiots who quote people out of context!

November 10, 2005


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