.today was just lurvely.

i slept till 12. went out for lunch. slept again until 7. now, browsing blogs.

created a header for cyber-red for her header competition.
(she got pimped by ky :) nice.....)

read an interesting comment on my nanowrimo blog. got me thinking and plotting all over again.

i'm thinking of sleeping again.... :)

maybe i'll blog later tonight if something crops up.

watching : You're Under Arrest - Live Action (starring Misaki Itoh)


Din said…
ooo...u also entering eh...better get my illustrator fired up now...
J!MMY said…
haha! gambate din!
cyber-red said…
woohooooo male-bashing comnpetition!! faster get downa nd dirty while u guys r at it.. lol

i have a wild imagination... =P
J!MMY said…
cr : how, my one nice ar? can ar?