.tick tock.

i am sitting in front of a computer in the digital lab. inside a class where i'm supposed to listen to my classmate presenting. guess i'm a bit lazy... who am i kidding. a lot lazy.

they're talking about a lot of things. i don't think even one went into this brain of mine. i am going to die in this course during the finals. can't run from it.

life has been pretty busy and sucky. i heard that ptptn won't come in until next semester. there goes my holiday plans.... sucks i know. but hopefully i'll be able to fully enjoy it next year/next sem.

i saw a couple of cameras worth looking at in jusco just now. basically the t5, s1 and even the t33. t5 is a sony, s1 is a nikon and the t33... i forgot. all of them were roughly in the range of 1500+/- RM. But where in the blue hell is the money from my PTPTN?

what they go bankrupt is it? somemore i saw them in the papers this morning. something about barring people or defaulters from going overseas. if i had my way, i'd default too. where is my money when i need it. i mean desperately. come on people, be professional. when you guys want money, use this and that. give money say this and that also. give it to me on time and i'll pay you back on time.

oklar, tension only talk about PTPTN. money is a very big issue in my life. as i grow older and less dependant on my parents for money, money took the central role in my life. i work almost everyday except friday and saturday. and in my last year of studies, with the amount of work that i have, homework or assignments become a very big issue. "making lover" lar the dumb life here. make me pek chek only. i everyday also pek chek wan. sorry to those who are on the receiving end, truly apologize dude.

and then i just heard from my friend that he want to give up on the girl ady. i saw go to die lar you. so stupid. go through all the hard work for nothing. make me pek chek again. chow pussy cat you!

you see? my power of vulgar replication has become better.

suck my johnson lar. over here cannot tahan with the veggy thing. no one selling veggy. have to order veggy food only. i took a pic of my food just now. afterwards or later i post up. now in lab.

i think one fella present finish liao. she asking questions. faeces, she asked me.
i dunno.. nasib baik ghanz help me to answer. muahaha. saved by ghanz.

chow pussy cat. now very dangerous. all boys here beside me in this empty but big spot is surfing. i mean all boys = 3 boys only. cause this class got only 3 boys. make that 2 boys and 1 men. cause shy is a lot older than us. he's 27 for making love's sake.

gtg now. she is running chores. i think she want to come now. i better run. alar, kena tangkap ady.

run forrest run!
October 6, 2005


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