.this is the end.

it's 11.30 pm now. i'm going out for my meaty fix cause for god's sake you have no idea how hard it is to stay a vegetarian for so long. i really really "pui fuk" (salute) those who stay a vegetarian for the rest of their lives. but for me, it's absolute crazy.

and, chau chee bye, not being able to say chee bye is damn hard and make me damn toolan ok? talk about KNNBCCB. i really damn fed up cannot use vulgar words. i ter-use also need to slap my mouth two times then only can. but now... haha, prepare for cheebye all over again. tomorrow got spesel day for me because i plan to post spesel post.

and tomorrow also i plan to post my pictures of all the food. today cannot because my friend take my cheebye card reader away ady. so i damn toolan and damn nothing to photoshop. also ok lar but still damn ka chng wan that fella. he last time want to 'kau' the girl he say give up ady. i say "CCB, wtf u talking about? Last time i help you so much now u fuck me up from behind ar? KNNBCCB, next time i wallop you from here to china wei!"

he say "no topic, both no ngam". the CB kia also say he attracted physically to her only. I say KNNBCCB. fuck you lar. i lazy to talk to you and your damn small pea brain.


and then today he kept on saying how he fucked a girl. and even describe it to me and shai (my friend). i know he still virgin, because all he say make no sense. now i know what the internet can do to a small brain fucker. make his brain all yellow and fuck him up inside out. make him look like porno seller.

really, last time i see my first blue film have to wait until no one at home and then me and my friend take out some VCR tape (that time no vcd yet) and watch. my first expression was the same as mike oi. i see the CB look damn ugly. also same like him, look like some retarded face. i thought vagina damn pretty, manatau come out look liddat. damn disappoint me that time. i also saw they all having sex. the girl seem very high. i think i was in standard 5 or 6. so i say, wah lau. getting your ka chng penetrated by some dick also that high meh? somemore that time we all punya dick so small, see the fella black guy wan damn paiseh, i think we all one also retarded. mana tau it's just that we all haven grow yet. when grow ady, can win the fucker black lan cheow.

ok lar, too much of sex is no good. i trying to be a good boy. i talk about erotica people say i no moral. actually my moral marks quite high but so donch play play with me. i very good wan.

this ah beng language is getting on my nerves, let's get on to more serious issue.

Nowadays, students or even 5 year old kids can get online and type in the word sex.. boobs or even cheebye and all sorts of imagery are at their disposal. last time i have to hunt and scavenge for it. now, google lar! CCB. if never see before means u damn ULU!
October 11, 2005


mob1900 said…
too much veggie get you all cocked up inside lar... take balance meal then can return back to the good ol jeemee dee...buahahahah


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