.tell me what this car is.. chow ah beng!

since you all can tell me what the previous car is.. albeit i admit i was a bit ulu... noobish and whatever kampung thing..

but tell me what this car is, can ar? har?! challenge you!
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October 10, 2005


Anonymous said…
Ceh. This is a Toyota Celica lah. You truly ulu.
Jimmy Ang said…
ceh.. i also know lar.. but mana tau you all really good har. within minutes reply ady..... keng man my readers.

Anonymous said…
Yeah this one easy also mah.

Toyoya Celica VVTi.

Anonymous said…
Jimmy Ang said…
i think my readers are somehow related to cars..... or at least they're from that part of the demographic.
bUttsH4k3r said…
eh kawan.


aduhai, aduhai...
Anonymous said…
u gotto be kidding me. even an ex5 knows what that is.
mob1900 said…
All wrong liao,
that's a Toyota Silly-Car!
haaaaarr... baru betui!


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