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October 3, 2005


Anonymous said…
Hey there. I noticed you are using icon illustrations from the Somatic iconset by David Lanham . Did you had his permission to reproduce it for your educare site?

And the stock icons used in the sitemap page? I'm assuming you didnt create them yourselft? Are they freeware?

The site is cute but would benefit from more original graphics. Try adding 'alt' text to your images so people with modems can see the site partially while its loading.

Text-wise, I suggest you increase the letter spacing in the body copy or perhaps use a font like Verdana which is more suited for the web.
Jimmy Ang said…
the icons on the sitemap are mine.

only the few things like the main template icons and rusty are taken from iconfactory. :)

cheers and thanks for the info. i will change it but it's really too late. it has been submitted and it will only be up for 1 month tops!



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