.faces of conflicts.

i stumbled upon some interesting facts yesterday while listening to my DA class.

conflicts. what can we say about them? they usually occur because of problems and disagreement. usually because one person's belief got the better of his judgment, maybe both. or it could also be that one person took his/her actions further than he/she should have.

one thing for sure. news or papers.. even gossip magazine usually put images or faces to problems. still don't understand what i'm talking about?

take the terrorist war in irag. USA launched an attack against irag because they claim that there were terrorists /biochemical bullfefaeces hiding there. but as the thing progresses, it was never a fact of terrorism, it was a war of two people. at least that's how the papers put it. didn't it surprise you that the papers rarely highlight is as a war between USA vs IRAG? instead they focus on personalities. who?

BUSH vs SADDAM. right?

now you might say that this is just a coincidence. they never put a face for pollution vs human. but that's because they can't. and it's "politically incorrect" (YKWYA,2005) to go against something like NATURE for god's sake. what will the newspaper say? screw the nature, screw the air, long live the companies who pollute the air? no! they won't cause it's definitely dumb.

remember our 1997 crisis? did they put up faces in magazines? yes, no?

yes they did. it was


and then we move on to the more current ones. the AP king issue. with all the fuss they are talking about it, i would think that it was limkitsiang vs rafidah but then again it was never publicized in the newspaper about lks. wonder why? cause newspaper is a political agenda. freedom of the press exists but only to a certain extent. why would they want to write what the opposition has to say. i'd be damned the day i find karpal or lks's political agenda on the star, nst or even utusan. maybe snippets but only snippets that lean towards the government. remember, newspapers influence us. whether we like it or not.

so, the AP king revolves again, around two faces. who?

KIA vs HONDA... kidding

it's actually


now on to more more related issues especially for us bloggers. remember when someone said kl sucked and another person retaliated. no one got over that stuipd thing but it's over. OFFICIALLY over. however, doesn't it amaze us that although the press was never involved in this, we still associate personalities with issues?

this time it was... yes, you guessed it.


how come we associate personalities to issue? cause people are shallow. i figured that if people want to associate personalities to issue, it means we find that personalities are easier to relate to, people are easier to hate.

we see two persons and we make our decision based on them. rarely do we make our decision based on the events.

if we were to make our decision based on events, we cannot blame both parties because we should always think from both sides.

how can we say what someone did is wrong if they were brought up on different teachings and different issues. we can never say they shouldn't do this or that because i'm sure they thought it out before doing anything.. and the things that influence them is what made them who they are today. (confused?)

how can we be so fast to condemn xx because of what she said? i admit, she didn't handle it tactfully but it was the truth.. only written a bit ugly. but if you see her previous posts, that's how she handles her angst.

and we can't blame ST too. he's protective of Malaysia, he loves Malaysia and i bet he's had a wonderful experience in Malaysia. And he could really laser you with his mouth, a sarcastic bastard he is. :)

all in all. next time when you read the paper. try to focus on the issue at hand. not the people, not the faces and definitely not the personality.

peace be with you all!

p/s: took me one hour to write this post.

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October 8, 2005


akmj said…
wah jimmy...
Dr. Ummul will be so so proud of you... *wink* - application of her lecture -
Anonymous said…
whoa!look who finnally quoted YKWYA! lolz. looks like she got the whole class thinking the whole time. lolz. now u know why i alwiz blog bout her eh?
mob1900 said…
I AM focusing on the issue at hand!
I wanne grab XiaXue's tits with my hands!
Jimmy Ang said…
angela : hm.....

sarah : hm...

mob : HMMMM......


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