.changing to chitika?

well, well, well. suddenly it seems like chitika is much more known than i previously thought. a lot of people are turning on chitika ads instead of google ads. i know chanlilian did it because she loves chocolate.

one thing's for sure. google adsense is getting too big of a bitch to use. yes, mainly because they think they're all high and mighty but i gotta admit, they are leading the market. but i'm beginning to love chitika's tab interface with reviews to boost it. one thing for sure, i'd like to read about the stuff before clicking it. it makes me more interested to click it if i know it doesn't only bring me to a company website but also to a place where i can read about a product.

and another thing is the clickthrough rate for chitika. it definitely pays about a gazillion percent more (maybe not...) than adsense. and at first it only offers paypal payment. however... now, it seems that they're using the mail to send it to those who doesn't have paypal. kinda cool if you ask me.

all in all, i love chitika and although they haven't paid me my first payment yet... but i'm still crossing my fingers that it will all work out.
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October 8, 2005


5xmom.com said…
I had Chitika for several months already but hiding behind some old blogs of mine. Recently, they audited my accounts and I am surprised that not many clicks were taken out and after audited, still got good money. So, I am going full force now. Hehehehe. Oi, put up adult toys on your site la. Sure got a lot of clicks wan. I tak boleh 'cos I am suppose to be nice-nice mah. LOL.
Jimmy Ang said…
5xmom giving lewd advertisement advice.. hmm.....


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