.busy bee.

today i actually have some things to talk about and some pictures to show. but again, i am lazy to go through all the process of uploading, transferring and watermarking my pics. so i decided to skip it.

i really need to focus on my discourse analysis now. anyone have any advertisements on skincare products for men? just scan it and e-mail it to me jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com please!

my previous asssignment sucked. she gave the whole class less than 50%. but she gave us another opportunity to redo it. wonder how it will turn out but i'm supopsed to be on it now. instead, look at me. typing this post away like i am so free liddat.

oh and yeah today is the second day of veggy food.

uncle's in tmn u sucks today. don't know why but usually it was ok. i ordered maggi goreng veggy.. sucks like hell. and they even mistook our order. my friend had to stand the stinky mihun goreng ayam. damn lousy the fella. take order also can take wrong. haih, nasib baik today vulgar free day. or not... sure kena lar you!

and then afternoon i went to some normal chinese shop. but i only took vegetables. i know this is against some of the rules but i believe the heart matters more. if i have the heart to do it, then i'll do it. i mean, who can guarantee that the places selling veggy only stalls were never patronized by meat eaters? they lick the spoon and forks too. however, i think i went there mostly because of the lack of choices around jb. really sucks being in jb.

i need to think of an idea on how to make money through the internet. any ideas? i got a domain but i need to know how to utilize it to at least cover up the expenses on the hosting and domain. poor me.

anyway, cya. chowz.

btw, the new song called endless love by jackie chan and the korean actress is nice. go download it. the mtv is also good. but the movie... read here lar.
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October 4, 2005


Jessie said…
I like the song too!!

Jimmy Ang said…
ya hor.. the song damn nice!


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