.bali again.

Bombs exploded in three packed tourist restaurants in Jimbaran beach and Kuta town at 8pm on Saturday night, killing 26 people and injuring over 100.
pictures via BBC News.

since today and for the next 9 days, i won't be swearing. let's be as civil as i can be. i proclaim the next 9 days as vulgar free day. hehe!

i heard yesterday, i mean i read it from the newspaper about the bali bombing... again.
"We are disappointed that this could happen again in Bali ... With this the work of the intelligence (agencies) comes under question," said parliament speaker Agung Laksono, whose Golkar Party has supported Yudhoyono.
Yes, while i agree that intelligence is definitely lacking but truthfully, there's not much that people can do about it. i can make a bomb in my house and do you think my neighbours would come in and peep inside my house? neighbours can't be bothered, the community can't be bothered and if you have no friends who care about you, no one can give a two cents worth to your existence.
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has advised the Indonesian authorities to investigate the latest Bali bombings thoroughly to find out who the perpetrators were.
I'm not saying it's totally beyond save, but there are things that only so much people can do. so much the government can do.
believe me, when i say that if people want to bomb the klcc or putrajaya or even klia... they can do it. it's just a matter of balls. if you've got it... you can do it.

do you really think they're gonna accidentally stop me for speeding while i'm on my way to bomb those places? tough luck dude.

however, although all these are unstoppable, why isn't Malaysia hearing suicide bombings in the news?

it's all a matter of teaching, a matter of community. we've got more sense than that. if someone comes in front of my house with a copy of JI and all shit promoting violence and asking me to kill myself in the name of whatever thing he's promoting.... i'll kll him and ... i mean i'll report it to the cops straight away.

gone were the days where social and religious hatred is so deep that it could erupt wars between races. i see the person next to me as a human, we're all bleeding red blood.

when will people realize that it is good to fight for a cause but never good to fight for a lost cause? all this bombings would never lead to peace, it will never bring a tear from our eye FOR their cause.. whatever it is. find a suitable medium to channel your thoughts. killing will only bring about more killing.

i really thought all those places in indonesia were safe again. heck, i dont think i would even hesitate to recommend it to my friend last time... but now, cry me a river, i wouldn't even think about indonesia. it scares me.

however, it scares me to think that our government is not lifting a finger about this..
Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, said the Government so far has not issued an advisory warning Malaysians against visiting Bali.
i mean, how serious do you want it to get before you issue a warning? isn't two bombings in a span of a few years justifiable for an immediate warning?

i mean 2002 was not far away ya know? it's only 3 years dude.

no offense to indonesians but i've met some good ones.. however, how can anyone expect me to feel safe in indonesia... ever again?

pictures via BBC News.

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October 3, 2005


jolene said…
wouldn't it also be a matter of common sense whether or not to visit indonesia, from the citizens' point of view? the government isn't entirely to blame for the lack of warning. it might cause some dire effects from it as well, considering that indonesia is so close and citizens might be prompted to migrate.
Jimmy Ang said…
which citizen? Malaysian or Indonesian?

Indonesia is so close and citizens might be prompted to migrate?
Which citizens?

If indonesian citizens would like to migrate to Malaysia, I don't see any warning from Malaysia against visiting Bali could affect their decision.

If Malaysian citizens would like to migrate to Indonesia, then warning against it would be good. I mean, i wouldn't want any one of my friends or family members to move to Indonesia (no offense)... EVER!


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