.you're fired.

imagine this, a language center calls you up. at 7.30 and asks you to go to teach in their language centre by 8.00. you rush there to asap.

you meet your students. two indian fellas. you greet them. you start the class.

suddenly they encountered a chinese word.. they asked

"eh, teacher what is this?"

points to 'zh'

teacher : that is zh.. pronounced zhi

student : in english got any word with the same pronunciation?

teacher : thinks and says it is not in English, only chinese. (makes an effort to ask other english teachers. comes to find me. i was teaching at the next class.)

me : i also dunno any english word which sounds like zh i

i went back to teach. oblivious to the condition and how she is making it there.

i come out for a cup of water after 1 hour. the class was supposed to be 2 hours. same like hers.

guess what?

i found her at the front desk with the clerk.

why? the students fed up cause the teacher can't explain zh-i to them in english.


then they went out and scold the clerk because the teacher... they say not professional enough.

i say fuck them.

can you tell me.. if you were the teacher... HOW THE FUCK TO EXPLAIN the suond ZH to two fucking INDIAN students? (they're 27-30 years old.)



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September 5, 2005


Anonymous said…
They will never understand and it's hard to explain..

No wonder you cursed.. Nabeh.. Lols

Jimmy Ang said…
i also dunno cause i banana boy. but really nabeh leh. haha. so weird... sometimes teaching is not easy. hai....
Loc Kee said…
Easy, ask the 2 Indian felo go study Cina kelas la... then they wil know.

hi hi... 1st time here :>


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