.they beg.

have you had one of those days where you just sit down in a coffee shop and someon approaches you with some fucking thing and asks you to donate? have you ever had that experience?

i'm sure 80% of you would say yes. another 20% are frequent mommy-cooks-i-eat fuckers. lucky bastards. MCH make me jealous. well, my mom cooks too but not here in JB.

well anyway, today i was eating at this stall and a person came and started saying something in mandarin. i don't understand and i don't give a fuck anymore. i mean like once in a month is ok. but every week they come and kacau me eat. mahai! fuck man! chee bye salary also not enough to give them lar!

what they want? donation!

however, i noticed that everytime they ask me, i just shake my head and i never look at them. maybe it's because i feel sad or maybe because i feel angry when they give me a "you selfish rich bastard look!". i mean i rarely have enough to eat. just because i am eating at a normal roadside stall doesn't mean i have enough to give you people who beg for it everyday, ok?! sometimes it even goes to their pocket. i wonder whether their director earns half of NKF's director.

well, i usually just ignore them and look away and shake my head. that's my tactic. however, right now, i can't shake my head.

i feel for someone and i really wish i had the means to help her. i have decided that my first chitika income will go directly to her. maybe next month or so. although it's only 10 bucks but with the amount of exposure and hits i get, it's actually my first pay. :)

who's her? she's a sweet girl. and she's facing problems slowly but positively. she faces up to the challenge. she strives and works for her life. she responds to challenges not succumbs. she's an idol for everyone who experiences the same thing, wait, not idol, role model.

how many people earn their own income, get their own domain, write, post and blog everyday while still fighting an incurable disorder.

my donation will not heal her but it will ease her and i pray that she will get better and feel better.

This personal fund is used to pay my medical bills. A detailed explanation of my illness is available here. I require surgeries and assistive medical aids very often that becomes a burden to my family. It is my greatest wish to raise some money through donations to help finance my medical bills.

I hope that with this fund, I am able to undergo treatments that I cannot afford to pay on my own.

for now, i can morally support her until i get my first paypal income.

but i support her with all my heart and i wish to spread this cause for her.

add this image to your sidebar and link it directly to here. (pls host this image yourself!)

show her the world still cares not only for her but for us.

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September 9, 2005


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Jee Mee. Your words are so touching. It irks me to think that sometimes, even relatives are not comparison to friendship.
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, i understand. sometimes the closest one who you expect to be there are not there and those who you do not are there. maybe we expect too much from the ones we know.


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