.tanglung festival.

welcome to the gates of heaven!

yeah, today is utm's tanglung festival. so, me and my mate went there. we were greeted by this odd looking rectangular thingy.

anyway, there were a couple of good shows like the wushu dance (which they have an indian kid and a small chinese girl) , fire pole kindamajiggy, very long lion dance (yawn) and basically that's about it. other than that... boring!

wushu dance

so, what we did was, we wasted a couple of hours in the freaking place. doing nothing but lying around sleeping and making incomprehensible chat.

met say yee though. will post a pic of me and him soon. he's cute but he's taken. he was taken last wednesday :O congrats boyyeo!

basically that about sums up my whole day. i was sitting in front of the pc doing nothing. NOTHING! except handle a few requests and questions about the t-shirt. i still need a lot of orders in order to make the t-shirt a success.

anyway, here are some photos that i promised. it's not all but some of my friends just REFUSE to be featured in my blog! bah! screw them!

me and yeap. shhh! he doesn't know he's here.
julian is having a constipation "kek sai" problem during the shot.

me, juliana and alvin. (pardon the hair. i had a bad hair cut)
juliana's taken. yes by none other than julian.
i would love their wedding.
julian & juliana.
their daughter could be julia!

that's all for today!

oh, and i received an e-mail from a fellow reader. she's such a sweet girl. i hate cancer. i hope they rot and die in hell. why do so many people have to suffer because of this?
Right now, we r juz learning to live independently.
Luckily for me n sis, we have some caring relatives n
frens. But how can anyone replace our parents.
September 10, 2005


Edmund Yeo said…
Cancer rotting and dying in hell. That's an interesting way to say it.
Jimmy Ang said…
well, better than us dying and rotting in hell.

i am just a normal person wishing for world peace!



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