.shit happens.

it's 3 am and i'm so lonely.

yeah, fuck chee bye lar.
this is not a post, this is more like a rant. so, beware.. very vulgar and stupid post coming ahead.

chau chee bye, 3 oclock ady and i still can't sleep. what the fuck? tomorrow got so many work to do and my fucking computer. the lancheow electric thing i think kantoi ady. mak puki, i wait for half an hour only can get into windows. that wan also sometime hang hang one. chee bye lar! make me pek chek only!

suddenly this chinese automatic thing come out. make me more pechek! ma hai! i wrote some shit lar! happy? 王帕坦 chee bye, dunno what i write but i was going for wong pa tan.. or something like that lar. as if i know a word of chinese... i'm banana boy u know! fucking banana boy!

maybe now man ady lar, but still i like the word boy ok!

so, my chee bye computer slow, then i very da pek chek. make my lampa also kecut. make my kuku cheow shrink. cheebye, imagine lar... wan to open mozilla also need to wait 5 minutes. like that where can. somemore the cheebye ptptn dun wan to enter money yet. mahai, expect me to eat sand hiar! pukimak lar.

all this is both stupid cheebye fakulti pendidikan in UTM fault lar. and also the chee bye PTPTN lar. MCH, never think of us wan. not efficient at all. hand like leg, leg like lampa!

people keep telling me UTM no good. everytime i have to correct them.. UTM is not "no good"
just a bit.....

fucked up. i mean build so many college for what? your mother wan to stay izzit? somemore force every fucking student in utm to stay inside. shit lar, you think you are the gahmen meh? we got freedom to choose our own living place ok? kanine, also hor, nowadays hiar, dunno what's wrong with utm people lar. i think ki tau hong lar "angin masuk kepala", they go and buy a lot of lcd projector, lcd screen and so on. somemore built centerize rostum for the lecturer.. all this while their debt haven paid yet. chau chee bye.. management never do anything wan hiar?

oklar, if i write more i think i offend more lampa boh lan iong eh (no use) people. i think also feddup! somemore tension! so many work. MCH.

i always procrastinate, now see lar! my lampa also bergetar ady. why? scared lar. mahai! you know, the fucking bitch this year all no care our feelings wan. they care their work and their time only. not in time to pass up.. lan cheow they give you!

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August 31, 2005


akmj said…
so freaking much work is just the right theme for our one week break...
Anonymous said…
haha ur a banana too? lolz
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, banana all the way. now want to live in jb have to learn some mandarin. hehe!


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