.she shocked me.

i have a housemate who stalks my blog religiously, like every half an hour. i also dunno why. just a few feet away also want to go online and stalk me. gila!

anyway, this demure cute girl shocked me today. she acted differently, treated me differently, looked at me differently, talked to me differently, and so many more differently.

basically it was just different. she was different, i couldn't quite pinpoint it but she has changed. maybe i had offended her? i knew with the amount of verocity my words came out in my blog, it is only natural people see me in a new light. however, i never expected this. especially not from her.

she was born in the small land of demurity in the suburbs of Johor. she was brought up by teachers. i mean, teacher's for god's sake! teachers! how goody two shoes and nerdy can one get?

but since a few days ago, she started to show me another side of her. slowly but surely she's changing. for better or for worse?

how can she do this to me? what have i done? she did it jokingly but that doesn't mean i wasn't shocked. damn it! now i know how the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" works. i know how it feels. i know everything about it.

cause before she read my blog she would've never done this to me.
so imagine my shock when she......
said "KNN, that CCB motherfucker lar? Mahai!".



Maybe i should swear less.

p/s: on a different note. MCH, these 6 people who think of mee below cannot think of any nice thing. only negative thing. maybe i should re-evaluate my attitude..... or maybe they should! CCB. say lar "i think of handsome guys, or responsible fucker or ccb leng chai or superman, batman and ultraman"... no, they think of loh mee, ee foh mee and so many other fucking mee. MCH. also got thick lips, fucking words and action and also hot dog. CCB lar!

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September 14, 2005


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