Sexy Blogger's Tee.

Here's a brief summary of what we will be looking at :

  • a custom designed t-shirt that which is tailored for bloggers or blogders only.
  • selling price : RM23 (not including delivery, i got discount :)
  • payment method : bank in or cheque (further details through e-mail)
  • package delivery time : again this depends on the amount of order. but i expect if there is any possible absolute answer, it will be around somewhere next month.
  • design : click on the image to enlarge to the standard 640 x 480 size.

whoever that is interested, pls e-mail me your details and address.
also i need a couple of things like size and quantity.

sizes available are S,M,L and XL. Also Baby-T.

delivery will be made through registered package and will be included in your final price quotation. thus basically the final price is :

final price = "selling price + delivery price"

mail me : jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com

So far I've a couple confirmed purchases.

Also, enter the sexy blogger tee posing competition and stand a chance to win a 128mb Smarthumb.

if you like to help me spread the word, please put this image in your blog and link it to this permalink!

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September 12, 2005


Anonymous said…
Eh... Got anything less pink?
See got lots of guys/male buying or not first...
Anonymous said…
the pink is quite okay wat.

black and pink nice mer.

eh u know the pink thingi above the word GGER?

maybe you shld change it to a rabbit/bunny instead?

nyek nyek =p
Jimmy Ang said…
pink no good meh?

it's the new metrosexual guy's color. :P

anyway, pink and black quite nice wat. not too feminine but striking at the same time. no?
Anonymous said…
I got pink t-shirts, it's de cool.

I like the black one, it's a bit gayish tho.

If you print my URL on the back I buy it hahahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
shaolintiger : if i print your url, you need to pay me sponsorship fee ady. hahaha!

and why gayish? damn!
Jimmy Ang said…
finally, all changed. only available in black. and no more pink. PURPLE is da new color!
Anonymous said…
eh try find out shipping cost berapa.

last time i received a shirt from kl,i think the shipping was 2 bucks? it was inside an envelope,the stamp was like 50 cents only.

and the pink one looks much better leh. =p
Anonymous said…
eh btw,isit possible to make the background of the tshirt image transparent? coz i put it in my blog,and its bg is white,so it kinda make my sidebar ugly leh.akeke.
Anonymous said…
Alamak, reallybites... Sendiri watermark it lah... :P

BTW, I think pink looks nicer too but purple is more suitable for both Guys and girls...

At least I know someone won't minus 20 marks if I wear them... <_<
Anonymous said…
Hey i am KaiEn here from the mail. Anyway I think the previous colour is much nicer... though purple and black or pink and black is nice too but I like the urban feel of the previous colour... just a thought. Besides black is too typical of a colour anyway...
Jimmy Ang said…
really bites, the bg has changed, copy the image again. thanks for the thumbs up.

and i agree with both n3o5er and reallybites, the pink looks nice but it will hinder a lot of potential buyers. maybe it's either red or this but i think this purple would make it more striking.

nebo aka KaiEn, yeah, the previous color was better but the factory said they don't have any cloth colors that could match the one in the image, so i don't want them to take some dirt brown color that could look like some shit color. that's why i decided to change.
She's Jess said…
SO you have baby tea one in S or M? And when are you going to take order dude?

Nice and simple.. like it! :)
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks jess, baby tees i think come in both S and M.
Anonymous said…
Hahahahaha hey I was about to ask if you could actually print the URL of my blog at the back as well..

Hey great idea Jimmy but I was thinking if I could have the brown one as mentioned in your earlier post :

Will e-mail you with more details!
Jimmy Ang said…
i'm sorry slinky. i would love to have the brown one too but the factory does not provide the exact same color tee. unless of course i print more than 100 pieces, then he'd order it for me from somewhere in deep india and have them shipped to malaysia.

but considering that i have only more than 10 orders, i can only cater to black. i'm really sorry. i hope this doesn't put you off. personally i prefer the black and purple one because i find it more striking and the brown one is a bit dull. and generic. people won't notice you from a far.

the black one just screams attention and sexy!

but that's just my personal view.

again, sorry to all.
mob1900 said…
You have been Tagged!
She's Jess said…
SO Jimmy... when are you going to take orders?
Anonymous said…
oooh i want one!!can i have one!?!?
Jimmy Ang said…
taking orders now. e-mail me.
Jason Lioh said…
Wei, still haven't finalize yet har?

My order hor, 1 XXL or the biggest size available. Or have you forgotten me? :P
kiawin said…
ah... brown is cool... nevertheless mind updating me? if there's any chance of having the brown edition


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