Sexy Blogger's Tee Update

So far, I have more than 10 orders, 30 more to go... if you ordered this shirt and love it, please help me pimp it. I can't do this by myself. I need everyone here. I've been busting my ass off for my thesis and my work.

I would really like to make this a success. I really do.

I've begged the company to lower down the price from 25 to 23. I've changed the design two times to suit general needs. Although some do not like the new change and i'm really sorry but it really can't be helped. I need more orders before i can start bargaining and discussing with the factory.

Also, i've created a competition to get you all more interested. The prize is a cool Smarthumb!

Thanks for those who've helped me and for those interested, please help me make this a success.

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September 16, 2005


Samm said…
I'm still waiting........... 30 more to go, that's gonna be a long wait, mannnnnn
Jimmy Ang said…
dun worry samm, as soon as it reaches 40 plus i will order straight away. i estimate it to be all ok by next month.

cross my fingers.


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