.Sexy Blogger Tee Posing Competition.

If you've ordered a Sexy Blogger Tee, you're in for a big surprise. If you haven't, then start ordering now!

Here's what you need to do in order to win a cool prize.

1. Order a Sexy Blogger Tee.
2. Pay for it including postage and everything.
3. Wait in your house for the package.
4. Once you get it, wear it! Get laid.
5. Go to a cool place with a cool scenery.
6. Remember to find a friend or get a tripod or something if you can't take a picture of yourself very well!
7. Get laid. Pose your most provocative pose and ask your friend to take a picture of you!
8. Send it to my e-mail : jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com
9. Win a cool prize (smarthumb 128mb)
10.Get laid all over again!

You can edit off your head shot image if you do not want to show off your face but pictures with faces might earn you better credit and a better chance of winning.

The judging is simply subjective in nature because only 1 person will be judging the pictures and that will be me. Only 1 picture per person will be accepted. The rest will be deleted. If you do not choose a picture and send me 10 pictures of you posing with the tee, i will take the first one.

If you post your picture with just the sexy blogger tee shirt on and nothing else.... you gain extra cooky points.

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September 15, 2005


Anonymous said…
woah...how can I enter...

...and what can do with a thumbdrive?
Jimmy Ang said…
alamak, humans only lar 8555!
Wingz said…
wuah last time u won stuffs from 8555 now u deny his entry !!! not fair !!! :P
Jimmy Ang said…
ask his master to enter can lar, but not him!
Anonymous said…
yeah, i'd like to see din stretch the tee shirt to cover 8555!
Jimmy Ang said…
haha, i'd like to see that too.
Reta said…
huah nice ah the black one... hmm let me know when the orders are up.. need to check if got extra allowance
Jimmy Ang said…
no problem, i'll post it up. but in order to ensure i send a personal reply, you can mail me a notice to my e-mail asking me to notify you. cause i donch know how to contact you.
Anonymous said…
bloody hell, i could use a t-shirt to wear...on my driver's seat leh...

Jimmy Ang said…
haha, then can! order from me!
Anonymous said…
Eh, 8555, only ah peks put t-shirt on car seat la!
emyoon said…
"If you post your picture with just the sexy blogger tee shirt on and nothing else.... you gain extra cooky points."

i'm lossing for sure then!

but i like ur shirt design, but it's so "manly" lar... let's say i'm too sexy for it lar.... haha...


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