.Sexy Blogger Size Update.

Below is the actual representation of an M size from the factory.

purple on black bg also not bad wat MCH!

Behind the t-shirt is an M collared tee from Giordano for size representation. I don't know about the baby tee's but i only expect baby tee's to be available in S and M sizes. However, try to limit ourselves to the normal tee cause the manufacturer said baby tee's are only available if i order in big amounts.

if you want to see how it fits, go to giordano, try out their M sized tee, say thank you and LEAVE.
just kidding

the white t-shirt is from the same factory

i also included a 15 cm ruler for representation. haha!

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September 13, 2005


mob1900 said…
Looking good. Carry on, dude!


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