.a rev iew of my ipod shuffle.

on the faithful day of 31st August, i got a free ipod. it was white and i was ecstatic.

the design of the product was perfect. i had no qualms about that. i mean, how many wrongs can go with a rectangular box? and how many wrongs can go with white? apple? those few things just oozes quality and distinguish character.

first of all, in terms of ease of use.
frankly speaking, this place really lacks and could use more work. why?
because first of all, it needs itunes and the software really kinda irks me off. when i plug it in, i need to set some space limit if i wanted to use it as a thumbdrive. and i can't just drag and drop into the thumbdrive, it must be installed through itunes. another thing is the lack of cross computer playlist. i mean i have two computers, but i can't use both to download the songs cause the playlist updates from the itunes every time i plug it in and different itunes will yield different results. thus having two computers means having more problems. :'(

also, there is the problem of song selection, since there is no lcd interface, i can't really pinpoint what song is on as soon as it starts and i can't really know how much battery hour is left. maybe it saves battery but it sure as hell is troublesome.

however, the product does have it's pros. i mean i'm in love with it despite its flaws. why? cause the battery is built in lithium ion. it can run up to 12 hours of playtime. this i gotta salute. it charges easily through a usb port.

simplicity, lack of everything makes it so simple. i just press and slide, voila my song!

at the end of the day, it just turns heads (it's white and it's obvious). but my friend who won it together with me is taking her turn hogging it now. so no ipod shuffle for me.

damn, i miss my shuffle!
September 12, 2005


mob1900 said…
damn! everyone wins an ipod shuffle but me!
Jimmy Ang said…
haha, where got everyone?

damn kapcai lar u. dun jeles ok?! hehe.


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