.the RAGE discovery.

I got a scanned copy of the RAGE thanks to yvonne.

that's not me in the picture. if it was, i'd probably kill myself.
cause i wouldn't post a picture of myself holding a malaysian flag perched on top of my head and wearing an NS uniform at the same time.
that's jolene. she's under NS training until 30th September

p/s: thanks to reta for the second copy! people are just so nice to me! i love them!
September 15, 2005


Reta said…
faster than the wind she =) just send you one also LOL
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks reta. *gives reta a cooky*
Anonymous said…
*snatches the 'cooky' away and gobbles it up*

Jimmy Ang said…
*slaps Din* BAD boy! bad boy!
Anonymous said…
*wails like a baby. then goes to find a lawyer to sue jee mee for causing harm....cut's own left cheek to drip some blood for good measure*
Jimmy Ang said…
not very bad lar. just .. urm weird. haha


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