.part of a big plan.

i've been hearing this like all the time. this happens because god has a plan.

now the question is what plan?

the plan will reveal itself and you might not know it but the plan is there.

fuck, then everything that happens to me is a big plan. i also can say i planned a path for you human weaklings out there. what plan? it is a big humongous plan. and when the time comes, it will reveal itself automatically. so, yeah, your'e a controlled pawn.

doesn't it freak all of us out that we have no control over our destiny?

anyway, i was sitting today, walking, sitting, sleeping and it dawned to me that life has no meaning. i wake up early in the morning, go to class (or work) come back, chit chat, sleep. occasionally we have vacations and outings but that's only 20% of the time.

what big plan is this? i mean 90% of the people in the world does this. except those exceptional few hippies.

i want to believe in god. i want to believe in the special power that would one day swoop down and damn me to eternity in hell. cause although i have been serving good all my life, i didn't worship his ass. thus no heaven for me.

i mean, we all want to believe that somehow a more powerful being is watching over us, whenever we do something or something goes wrong... it's not his fault, it's his blessing. i mean wtf?

come on, snap out of it. you can calculate the equations yourself. when will god come down and swoop us out of our feet and end this world? one day.

that's like asking my student's when to pass up their books. they always answer one day. when is one day? fuck me, i don't know.

see the people in katrina, the people affected by the tsunami. god wanted to punish them? i mean, punish one or two but all hundreds of thousands of them at one go? wtf? overpopulation izzit?

and then there's the usual greed and lust. why the fuck make something so imperfect such as humans. i mean humans are like viruses (quote matrix) they breed, populate, overpopulate, travel, move, find new resources and they fucking repeat the cycle of evolution.

don't get me wrong, i believe in a superior power above us. i believe in god. but i just can't grasp the concept written in books. why sanctify a book and commit ourselves to the strict guides of a book? we have brains, we have a heart, we can think. i hate it when christians come and tell me that if you don't worship jesus, you'll go to hell. i mean, even though i've done good all my life but come judgment day, jesus would go "fuck you jimmy, you are gonna die in hell, cause u worship stones and rocks".

does that mean the billions and gazillions of people who died before jesus came to earth and sacrificed himself on the cross (although i doubt the word sacrifice is a good description, more like murdered) , they all go to hell?

fuck hell. i hate hell.

remember that god is not a powerful being (does that make sense?). when he's there, high above, he might be all mighty but down here, he's just like you and me. so don't expect a big plan because you did something. it's not always sweets and sugar. you live with the consequences of the things you do everyday. you live with the people who you love and hate everyday, you do the things you do for survival, not because of a plan. heck, tell the victims and family members of the katrina people.. hey, guess what? you're all in a GOD's BIGGEST PLAN since the TSUNAMI. You're all so lucky!

they would go, "FUCK YOU you lan cheow incestous fat pig!"

now before you all go hating me for being an insensitive prick. let me just say a few things. i belive in every god, but i don't believe god is that selfish until the people who do not worship HIM but has done good to mankind all his life will go to hell. i believe god has a plan for us, and that the plan is "we will make our own plans, he is the all seeing eye, not the all seeing master". i believe we all worship a superior power above us, but that power does not necessarily has a name and he does not even need to be a HE. Lastly, he might've shaved.

i believe we all go to hell because we're evil, i believe we make our own destiny, i believe the bible is a book and it is written by humans (just like you and me), i believe in people, i believe in a power up there, i believe that honesty and love overpowers greed and lust, i believe in good and i believe in myself.

god doesn't help us. we do. we help ourselves and people help us.
do your part, help the people in katrina, help yvonne, help yourselves.

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September 10, 2005


Anonymous said…
Some advice for you. Instead of being confused and using unnecessary foul words get involved in the best (the very best) business activity.

Yes, no income-tax, no transpancy, no accountability, no annual Statement of Account, no Profit and Loss Account and no list of Assets. Difficult to believe but true. The only sacrifice is to believe and trust in the powers that be.

Jimmy Ang said…
unbelievable, i usually thought spams are random. now i beg to differ. maybe they have like some google adsense thing that crawls for related words before spamming!

Anonymous said…
Hey this blogpost is not good. It's nudging my faith. haha! Just kidding. We alll have our doubts. But one thing I know is that, it takes time before we see the reason behind God's plannings.

For example, 3 years ago, I might have been very confused, as to why I suffer from NF even though I have not killed any person or tortured any animals. But I'm beginning to see the big picture now. It's because God wants me to help other people out there who has NF, like myself. God gave me the resilience all these years so I can have the strength I need. hehe... sorry for being bold. But it's true u know. As days come to pass, I realise that God has everything planned out for me. Another example is my current surgical fees. I'm not alone because God has sent someone like you who so willingly help highlight my plight.

So do be patient and this too shall pass. Then, you will understand that God meant well for you. Perhaps this is some sort of a training and to equip you better to face the world.

Who knows? But don't ask me about those massive disasters. I have no idea either.

Sometimes, we don't reason with faith. Just like how you love your parents even though they may not be very nice. Love doesn't need a reason.

Oh, here's a plug. http://www.petalingstreet.org/blog/archives/2005/09/sexy_bloggers_t.html#comments

Good luck!
Jimmy Ang said…
i typed out a long paragraph, three to be exact.

but i deleted it. cause i realized having faith is what keeps us going.
Jimmy Ang said…
yes 5xmom, tiu away! LOL.

yeah, maybe someday i will understand the bigger plan.
d4g said…
it's true we help ourselves, but it's true Him we show our kindness and our generosity to others...

It's so easy to put the blame on God whenever a tragic event happens like the hurracaine or the tsunami tragedies, but rather than looking at it from a punishment point of view, why not look at it as God is bringing people closer together to spread kindness and love...or maybe God is just testing the victims' faith...to see whether they will curse God or whether they will still cry out to Him for help?

If you're read the book of Job in the bible, you'll know what I mean.
Jimmy Ang said…
yes, god bring people together through this act of devaastation. but how about the victims of the tsunami?

why test them? out of the billions of people in this world? why choose them?
Derek said…
Very good post here.

When something bad happens, people say it's God's will. When something good happens, we say it's God's grace.

So basically, everything is from God. We humans can't do anything right. Everything we do, credit goes to him.

The way I see it, things happen because it happens. Life and death is just a cycle. It doesn't discriminate, no matter one is black, white, Muslim, Christian.

But that doesn't mean that our short life here is without meaning. We can create meaning. The friends, everyday life, success, sorrow, choices we make, basically how we look at life, these help create meaning for life.

Anyway, I came here from Suanie.
Jimmy Ang said…
welcome derek.

true, life is all about choices. our choices right?

quote 5xmom "this is earth and shit happens"


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