.my life sucks.

yeah, i've been pretty busy with life currently. i'm having my final year thesis which i haven't done shit yet.

i'm working part time as a teacher.

my loan sucks ass.

my t-shirt is slow but moving.

here's basically what happened today. this is not a normal mee posting because i don't have much time now.

just would like to post some updates so that people at least know what i'm doing and how i'm doing.

ok, i've asked the company regarding the t-shirt production, price, size (it comes in baby-t) too.
I'm planning to make children sizes. Those for 5-10 year olds. Imagine your 10 year old son wearing a sexyblogger t-shirt. haha.

Another thing i've been rumbling about is a website for a blogger. I've taken it to myself to design it for her. The pay is meagre but i'm doing it out of friendship instead of payment. I just hope she pimps my blogget - t. (hint hint)

anyway, besides than the two major things, i still have thesis, 2 classes today, i need to help someone with her final year project today and i still need to rest.

a poor soul and restless guy makes no life worth living.

the end.

September 11, 2005


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