.my friend the weirdo.

i have a friend. he's kinda geeky and old fashioned and insecure. he's okay but he's just weird sometimes. i can't really pinpoint how weird but weird.not those weird looking people who have an aura of rapist all over their head but the antisocial, i'm all mighty and important, they're dumb i'm clever kind of weird. also, he shows off his taekwondo skills in the middle of the night on the main hall. like very good liddat. once my friend playfully pushed, he tumbled backwards. MCH, liddat call taekwondo ar. TAIK LAN got lar.

he has been my course mate for 5 years and room mate for 3 years. in the beginning, i was the epitome of disaster in his life. he never went out late at night. he never disobeyed his parents, his ideal view of love is holding hands and talking in the night until the next morning, he never watched porn and he loves those dolls (maybe gundam models) or figurines. CCB, you like the figurine so much for wat? some more not cheap one. one costs a few hundred also he buy. MCH, also influence me to buy one or two. Now on top of my cupboard collecting dust. KNN.

well, i introduced him to porn. albeit it wasn't my fault cause we there were a bunch of us in our hostel and i was the only one in my year owning an intel celeron pc cause i took it from penang during my first year. well, anyway, my mates all wanted to watch porn in my room. they took a vcd to my room. so, he being the curious bastard that he is watched with us. Since then, he has been addicted to porn. call me a devil but i think of porn as education. we need to know about these things. mana tau when you get married, you get your wife all high and wow. after that, you squirt out too fast. not polite wan you know. some more damn anti-climax!

anyway, he's been in search of love for the first year until now, being the unsocialable bastard that he is, it was hard. he had a few bumps but today he came to me for advice. it was his new room mate. it seems that his room mate is into a girl and he's into the girl at the same time. his room mate is another unsociable bastard who plays online games way too much. I call these people "lack of real life". anyway, both of them are onto the same girl but his roommate expressed his desires to court the girl to the girl first. I was like WTF? expressed a desire to court the girl to the girl? Fucking weird people. Courting happens, like how shit happens.

"wei, i want to kau you ok?"

"CCB, want to kau kau lar. Tell me for wat?"

okay, anyway, is my friend wrong? i told my friend these exact same words.

"tell him you like the girl too, if he's your friend, he'll say ok lar. we'll see who gets her."

"if he's fed up, fuck him lar. as if i care"

he said he values friendship... but get this, he's been complaining about the friend cause he says he's rude, insensitive and wtf not. i say, just give him the middle finger and say "all's fair in love"
she's not your girlfriend and she's available. usually i'm not that big of a bastard, friend's gf i respect siut. Ah Soh! but also not gf yet, who the fuck cares. don't go and kau behind quiet quiet lar, that's called CB Chap Cheng kia!

but not gf, why the fuck care?

so, he was over at my house and he was hungry and he asked me to go out for dinner. I said got work and say go eat yourself. besides i am still full. then i suggested to him, ASK THE CCB GIRL out lar! fuck he say he scared. KNN. sometime i feel like slap his ka chng. if he continue like this he can go lick other guy ka chng lar, forever cannot get gf wan!

I said nevermind, i type the msg for you, you just click the send. he acted like a virgin out to get his first condom with babblings, mutterings, over excited and all. i said CCB, take here now.

I typed in :

"hey, wanna go out yamcha? i haven ate dinner. my roommate ate ady. (which is true) "

he was practically trembling and finding excuses to delay the thing. finally i fed up and sent it out for him. CCB, like pondan only MCH.

although she rejected but she sounded chirpy. besides she said got psm presentation so i guess it's a valid reason. he's so elated i think sperm might come out from his dick if his pants accidentally stroked it once.

i'm happy for them. the girl is quite cute and i hope they get together. although he's a bit of a fucktard but what to do, he's a fucking friend.

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September 13, 2005


Wingz said…
eh .. dun luff at him ... i was once lidat also LMAO!!!! be kind to retards ok ? :P
mob1900 said…
What's wrong with porn-addiction?
We're supporting a full legit industry, think of all those poor people outha work! If we can support our National car for the last 20 years, we can support PORN too! Satisfaction guaranteed. No defects 'cept for Gay Porn!
bUttsH4k3r said…
mch, im a geek oso, ok.


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