.maximum hold.

today, i want to talk about hair. why? cause we all have hair. those who have it want more of it. those who don't crave for it, those who have too much of it crave for it.


i've had my problematic hairdos since a child.

my mom used to cut all our hair. not, all as in until bald but all as in eevry member of our family.

i've had normal cuts since i was small. maybe those army like kindamajiggies. then as i grow older, as in 10 - 15 years old. KNN, the Aaron Kwok just have to style his hair like KNN. So, being the naive shit that we all are in the school. welcome to KNN land. All our hair look like aaron kwok!

i think assembly time the headmaster had a very hard time identifying us. cause we all look the same on top. MCH. talk about stereotype.

i think that time we spent millions on hair gel. not hair care. we were young, down there got no hair, so all focus on top. now down there got hair up there less ady. i think down there can gel it up and do middle parting already lar.

anyway, i remembered last time that whenever my mom cuts my hair i would request this request that. too short also i would lose temper. fuiyo. talk about you fav hair idol.

now, ar? my hair so short. look like what also i dun care. i guess it's because i came to realize that beauty is not on the outside, it's in the inside.

but i still use hairspray, maximum HOLD!

and i still comb myhair like any ah beng ah seng. why? cause i can! another 10 more years, maybe i cannot liao!
September 11, 2005


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