.Make Poverty History.

This post is a dedication to Make Poverty History or more affectionately called MPH. (not the bookstore ha!)

Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty.
This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation.
This year there are a number of really important moments when we need as many people as possible to make their voices heard so as the world's most powerful people know that they must make poverty history.

The symbol of the campaign is a simple White Band worn around the wrist, your arm - in fact anywhere you like that it can be seen by everyone!
By wearing one you are part of a unique worldwide effort in 2005 to end extreme poverty - you're saying that it's time to stop the deaths of more than 200,000 people every single week from preventable diseases. You can wear it any way you like:
Around your wrist
Around your rear view mirror
As a hair band
Through the laces in your trainers
Around the straps of your handbag
As a lapel ribbon
On your key ring
Even on pet collars

The really important thi
ng is that you just wear it.

With faces and people like this, how could i not plug this cause?

Pictures courtesy of my e-mail. Quotes courtesy of MPH.ORG

p/s: i very buzzee with homeworks now leh. normal posting will resume soon. hope you all can tahan until then. sorry ha. well, when life's a bitch. it really fucks you in the backside. if i post about my life now, all you can see is my transcriptions and also some discourse shit like perlocution infelicities and stuffs like that. i dun wan to bombard you all with these mofo shit lar. or not you all can pengsan you know?! haha.

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September 5, 2005


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