.love bought me faith.

in the past, i might've been a bitch, questioning god and everything. i admit, i am a bit of an atheist and i still don't believe in a particular faith. but today, i truly and honestly believe in the power that binds us brings us together.

my previous post, part of a big plan, talks about the big GOD has a plan for us all and shit. And i truly believe that god doesn't really have a plan for us, we have a plan for ourself and it's just that the paths are there, for us to choose, there's always left and right. which one would we choose? that's the main point. god laid the path, we choose the road.

now, let me just conclude how i was brought back from the depths of hell. yes, it was the most powerful thing in earth, love. Keep in mind that this is not gonna be some lovey dovey "boy falls in love finds meaning in life post". this is my thought which i'm sharing and it has nothing to do with cute actors and beautiful actresses. I am just a blogger, who inspires to be a writer (Star, are you reading this?) :0

So, i was over there, enjoying a nice cup of coffee, walking down the aisle of a normal supermarket, looking at groceries. when these two couples stood in front of me refused to budge. I moved around them, just to be blocked by another couple. damn it, why are there so many couples roaming around in a supermarket in the middle of saturday? don't they have anything better to do?

Then i was sitting down on a bench looking at all of these couples and wondering, what made them look so adorable together? what made them fall in love with each other? what is love actually?

is love lust? if love is lust then i'm sure marriage is a very very wrong concept since the beginning of time. is love saying "i love you" and winking? if that is that, then i'm sure we could never decide who we want. is love attraction? then what attracts us? the pretty lady with long legs or the handsome guy with a cute beard? if that is so, then isn't love a very subjective thing. who can say who is handsome and who is not? isn't all of our definition of cute and pretty different?

what makes us love our parents? we were born with an unbreakable bond that connects us to them no matter how bad they treat us. If their love is constituted by the fact that the father and mother nurtured them since the beginning of time, then why do adopted child feel such a feeling of desire to find their real parents and belonging when they find them?

although they deny the fact that they want to meet them and condemn them to hell, that is only because they were brought up with the feeling that their parents hate and left them. If it wasn't because of that, 50 years could not break such a love. a love for your father and mother.

what do we call a love that can withstand time? what do we call love that can withstand the trials of death and sickness?

isn't love just a CONVENIENCE? isn't love something that we want for the sake of it?

if that is so, then who decides which one is the right one? which one is the one we need, we will cherish and we could never lose?

what makes HER different from HER?

what makes HER special?

if love is just a chemical reaction in our brain, if that is it... then what triggers it?

simple explanation : love is determined, predetermined and fated. and only a handful will walk past this road in our life. and the bigger power made everything a pair (yin and yang) when he created life in this world. you just have to keep on finding your other half.

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September 17, 2005


mob1900 said…
Hell bro,
To me, you should be a resident writer for MAXIM magazine! Cheer up dude, the ladies in bikinis are waiting for your photo-shoot.

err... i meant writer/photographer.
Jimmy Ang said…
cute chicks in bikinis! yummy!

yes, yes, where do i sign up.
Brown Sugar said…
Wow Jimmy. U really was wondering what it wz all about ah? wonder wat will S.P say if she reads this..lolz. Anyway, yea, love is subjective and all, but above it all, i guess it's the chemistry, a certain connection between two people that does the trick. thta's what makes it happen in the end i guess...
keng1 said…
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Jimmy Ang said…
keng : why you delete your own comment? nothing bad also wat.

brown sugar : haha. she reads this. i know she does.
Jessie said…
Love is definitely fated...

It takes 2 to work a relationship..

If like what you mentioned.. love is lust..
this is not love..

I believe... love is really a wonderful thing..

Anonymous said…
You dont believe that God has a big plan, but you believe that love is fated.
Jimmy Ang said…
jessie : thanks. love is indeed a wonderful thing.

yvonne : love is fated but not determined. fate MIGHT bring us together. but many people can and will not find their fated one even after a lifetime of searching.

did god plan it so that they won't find their other half? definitely not. god created paths, but we need to choose the correct path from the millions that we could encounter along the line. and each path will lead us to a different place... everytime. god didn't plan the path out for us, we find and determine our path... he just laid it down there with choices. i make my choices, he gave me opportunities.

a bit long winded ubt just trying to make clear of my stand and mine only.

peace to all. i wish for world peace.
Anonymous said…
Good answer. :-D
Jimmy Ang said…
shrugs *paiseh paiseh*


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