.the life of a procrastinator.

i slept at 3 yesterday.. or was it this morning.

woke up at 10.

tonight i guess i'll be repeating the same routine...

it ain't good for my health but getting a fxcking egghole for my assignment is even worse.

basically a few days or two of sleepless nights will make me a zombie.

but rest assured, after that.. i will be a procrastinating zombie!

busy busy buzzeeeeeeee.

life sucks.

do we all repeat the same routine in life? have you all noticed how hard it is to be different? our society dictates that we must be same in order to blend in.
fuck blend in, i want to be different.. i don't want to be a guy, i want to be THE guy.

what is it with the people in Malaysia and changes. We're afraid of changes and we're definitely more afraid of differences.

Doesn't differences make us unique? Different people leading different lifestyle. I don't want everyone to be doing the same thing as me and vice versa, no matter how good their life is.

if we're all the same...

we'd all be ant1 or ant2.

have you ever noticed that it's hard to tell which one's which in a swarm of ants? if you let them out your sight in a sec, you won't know which's which.

Now, ain't life a freaking big fucking bitch?
September 5, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
i fucking hate routine. that is why i always try to be random. as much as i like change, drastic change scares me. quite often, too.


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