.life as we know it.

ladies and gentlemen (fuuyoh, formal siut!) ,

life as we know it is unfair. why do i say so?
imagine all the great things in life. the money, the fame, the things that you want... even the love. you either have one and you won't have another. well, some can say that they have all but that's just because they're so lucky which brings us to the question again, why are they lucky while the people who are soo good and sometimes so hardworking... unlucky.

and why are god guys always sidelined by the bad guys. sometimes the good guys just can't get love but the bad guys, chicks just dig them.

life is also unfair because the guys would always ask themselves when they watch porn..
why isn't that guy fucking the cute chick... ME?

did god really make this world unfair. imagine all the people who were born poor, who were born with a disease, who were born without parental love.

now imagine you yourself. is that fair? imaigne all the rich and lucky person in this world. is that fair to the people who are suffering since they were small.

there are people who work their asses off every day and every night, sometimes 24/7 just to get a scrape of living. and there are people who are dumb but damn lucky. they get to host talk shows, do some shit kindamajiggy and sleep for the rest of the day with a cute chick beside their bed. is that fair?

no doubt our world is unfair. we'll reach a complicated time of our life where we will think where we will be going from this direction onwards in our life. and then there are also the times when we just don't know what to do in life.

is life really unfair? have you met a certain point in your life where you think that you've been unfairly treated either by humans, animals or god?

are we supposed to be satisfied and be grateful for what god gave us even if it is unfair?
tell that to the kids who are starving and dying because of diseases that aren't even their fault.

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September 3, 2005


akmj said…
Here's what i think (which most probably won't matter s*** to you, but i'm going to say it anyway):
Don't know, I guess we would always feel that we are unlucky as compared to all the 'lucky' ppl out there. But the truth is, they may seem lucky to us, but we don't know or understand the s*** they have gone through in their life, or are going through...
Just my ONE cent's worth... ;-)
Jimmy Ang said…
angela: are you sure you don't understand what the shit the sons of AP kings are going through? i bet they go through life with everything they want.
Anonymous said…
ah well...it wouldn't be life if it weren't unfair...would it? life can be a bitch..but i guess there are some good parts of it though ;)


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