have you ever heard of bloggers or people complaining, bitching and wanking about plagliarism.
i'm sure we all have. the most recent one is this fella. He has since repented so let us not dwell on the past. today i'm not going to talk about plagliarism but instead, i'm gonna talk about the irony of it all.

since this would be a more serious post, i will try to make it swear-free or vulgarless.

while we bitch about the person who has committed such an offence, did we realise it was us who make it happen? it was us Malaysians who made them think that it is OK to plagliarise. Nothing serious will come out of it. Do we ever realize that?

Why? How? What happened to Malaysians and what did we do to encourage such activities?

Look around you? every corner, every pillar, we are bound to see all types of people. We are bound to see all types of business. No doubt about it, the most rampant and lucrative business in Malaysia would probably be piracy. We support them. We buy them. If we buy the originals, people would look at us as if we're some snobbish rich bastard. So much for supporting the actors, directors, crew, company.. so much for them. They can die while i support the people who download and burn it into a cd and put nice cute colourful covers and sell it with more than 200% profit. They deserve my money more than the people who created it.

While we sit in front of our laptop or PC condemning the people who plagliarise? Did we realize that we're using a pirated copy of windows XP, windows Office, Photoshop? Did we realize that the VCD's and DVD's and even CD's we buy are produced by the same type of people who we are condemning.

How ironical is that?

chee bye lar!

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September 16, 2005


Wingz said…
oooHHH u die lar .. u admitted that u have been using pirated stuffs! I noyl buy/use original softwares n VCD only ler
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : MCH, confirm or not? CCB, if they want to catch people buying better take their time catching the people who sell.

dun worry lar, gahmen where will catch me.
Anonymous said…
Anda telah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 3 tahun kerana mengaku memebeli barangan cetak rompak. sila klik link ini untuk tempah bilik penjara samaada di Melaka atau Johor. Tanpa tandas.
Jimmy Ang said…

gahmen : clever har DIN!


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