.ipod nano?

yeah, sucks. just when i thought ipod shuffle was the latest offering from the god called apple... they come in again and screw me up. why do so many people like to make me moan and then stop when i'm high? like TNB here.

i mean, the last time i bought k700i, they come out with k750i. MCH. you know, coming out with the exact same version but one number higher or a few number higher makes my hp obsolete. kinda like an update from Version 1 to Version 1.5, when you got ver1.5, who want to use ver 1 anymore? stupid right?

but here i am stuck with my k700i which is under warranty and also my ipod shuffle. somemore my friend's been screaming at me about the shuffle. says i hog it all the time. wtf? of course i hog it all the time. i love it. lol, just kidding mate.

anyway, the ipod nano looks sooooo adorably cute, kinda like a mini hybrid of shuffle and ipod itself. ipod mini is out of their webby, so guess this is even bigger bad news to people who own ipod mini.

haha! your ipod mini is obsolete! hahahaha! fuck ipod mini, get ipod nano lar!

anyway, the ipod nano costs reasonably well. around RM750 for the 2 gb version. 2 GB is a whole lot of shit. I rarely use 2 GB of shit. imagine IPOD with 40GB, i mean, wtf kind of songs am i gonna put in there? my mother's album until my daughter's latest pop cd also can go in.

some of the features of ipod nano:
An iPod of historic dimensions
When it comes to iPod nano, you need to reconsider your definition of “small.” Slip it in your pocket — it weighs less than a handful of change. Or wear it around your neck and forget it’s there. Want to take it for a jog? No problem. Your music will never skip.
100 percent iPod
iPod nano’s Click Wheel puts music under your thumb. Click to fast-forward, rewind, play, pause or access menus. Run your thumb over the touch-sensitive surface to control volume.
One thing i love about the ipod nano is the lcd display and click wheel touch sensitive surface. beats the faceless and hard click shuffle anytime of the day. WHY do they have to create ipod shuffle without an LCD? WHY?

even the kapcai MP3 player made in god knows where also got LCD screen lar!

oh, and the lanyard for ipod nano looks totally wicked.

ok, i'm gonna pop in my FREE IPOD shuffle! at least I have one :) muahahahah!

Have you hugged your ipod today?

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September 8, 2005


Anonymous said…
i'm considering myself to buy that ipod nano ... but that latest sony walkman also look very - very good ... haih! looks like i'll never have an mp3 player at all lah .. always want to buy that, then wait for new version ...
Jimmy Ang said…
ipod vs Sony. i think sony is of good quality and is very well built. the design is also good. however, their format has some problems i think, supports AAC only. wonder whether they support wma. although itunes also do not support the wma format but itunes automatically converts it.

besides ipod has been proven again and again. sony still lacks in user preference especially in mp3 players, but audiio paraphernelias are all SONY greatness!

my 2 cents.
Anonymous said…
Sony supports normal MP3 as well as Atrac3 mah.

I kinda prefer Sony over Ipod. To me Ipod Nono may be more stylish. But it's just yet another MP3 player.
Jimmy Ang said…
to each their own preference i guess. :P

well, yeah, i was meaning wma audio formats.

to me, Sony may be cool, but it's just yet another MP3 player... also.


well, i have too many of sony maybe. i have a sony cd/vcd player and a sony walkman and they're of great quality.

but then so is the ipod.

in the end, i would look for specs and price difference.

which one's more worth it.

Anonymous said…
Too poor to buy either of them at the moment anyway...
Jimmy Ang said…
I work part time just to get either one. one month for a gadget. guess i'm a geek after all :P
bUttsH4k3r said…
i hugged my ipod today. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
caya man! gimme 5!


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