.i wan to kill myself now.

CCB Mob1900 tag me. So, i got nothing better to do in my life than to fill in this tag...

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. suck my own dick
2. lick my own ass
3. nuke kl
4. find osama
5. shit in my own pants in the middle of KLCC
6. eat a horse's dick
7. find an ET and kick their asses

Seven things I could do:

1. sleep
2. lick my fingers
3. jump off the penang bridge and land on a queen bed in a big mofo boat
4. fuck everyone
5. take up weights with my dick
6. do my homework while watching porn and masturbating licking ice cream.
7. save the world with forks and spoons

Seven Celebrity crushes:

1. jee mee
2. jimmy ang
3. doraemon
4. gaban
5. ultraman
6. hello kitty
7. teng teng teng! *powerpuff chicks*

Seven often repeated words:
1. fuck
2. cheebye
3. lan cheow
4. shit
5. KNN
6. CCB
7. love (wtf?)

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. long legs
2. silky hair
3. nice smell
4. sexy neck
5. big eyes
6. lips to match mine
7. dressed to kill

I fucking chau chee bye tag...

1. jolene (my cousin)
2. timmy ang (my bro)
3. leen mafia (my classmate and course mate)
4. jessie (cause i just met her and i think she's cute)
5. no more lar! dun wan to kacau ppl!

blog concerns
September 16, 2005


mob1900 said…
"7. love (wtf?)"

yeah, wotdafuk????
There's still a baeting heart in Jeemee. lolx
Jimmy Ang said…
hey, wat diet? i not fat ok?
Dezmond said…
LoL, and I thought someone wanted to kill himself.. to my dismay -_-"
Jimmy Ang said…
cis. u want me to kill myself is it?


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