.i very damn toolan.

ok, before i go on to say why i toolan, here's something for you all to ponder upon.

we all have favourites. but does having favourites makes us unfair?
if i have two sons and i prefer one over the other, and i do things for one of them but not the other,
does that make me unfair?

then is god unfair?
since god does have favourites.

who? read the bible. the jewish? the israelites?
God will kill the Egyptian children to show that he puts "a difference between the Egyptians and Israel." 11:7
God encourages the Israelites to steal from the Egyptians. 12:35-36
God favors Israelites "above all people." 19:5
ok, enough about this gibberish. i'm not a pessimist. I'm just a curious boy. if someone can explain this to me, then by all means do so. I would love to hear their opinions. I'm still searching for the truth. And the truth shall set me free or put me down.


n a different note, on why i damn toolan!

i sent a mail to the factory.
here's what i said.
How much does it cost for each t-shirt if i print :
50 shirts
100 shirts
200 shirts

also, are there Baby-T's? (for female)

are there t-shirts for children? As in 5-10 years old children?

Also, could you provide me some pictures or descriptions of the relative sizes for S,M,L and XL? My customers want to know the exact sizes since some of them complain about differen places with different version of sizes.

I hope you can get back to me ASAP. thanks.

I will contact you through e-mail/phone if I have any more questions.
Here's what he said :
RM 25 per piece

At least have the courtesy to write in paragraphs and answer each and everyone of my stupid questions. No matter how stupid they are. I will call him tomorrow morning to get more details. The scum bastard!

The price quoted on top is the selling price. I hope I will be able to shed some light on the sizes soon but my friend who bought from him once said that the sizes are standard sizes. which means it won't differ much from the ones you see in the shopping centres. Oh, and I have confirmed that there are Baby-t's available (for female, not baby!).

Are you interested in Toddler shirts? I will ask him more on this tomorrow morning.


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September 11, 2005


suanie said…
Jimmy Ang said…
suanie : urm.... obviously, a couple of carlsberg can will do that.

totoro: i will ask the factory for a reduce in price. i really need to call him. i mean 25 is for 50 prints or 100 prints? MCH!

damn it da idiot is irritating me.

maybe i can get it cheaper once i get more orders. :)
5xmom.com said…
You should just pick up the phone and say, 'lu kong ha mik lancheow? beh hiao cho seng li, khi kam moh lan la!' (what u say, dunno how to do bisnes go kam lan). Then he probably give you discount.

BTW, religion is a very confusing thing. The more you read, the more gila you become. And different 'smart' people, intepret different things. I believe God doesn't test us like how some people said. And God doesn't zap the kind ones to show His power. This is earth and shits happen.
Jimmy Ang said…
5xmom : wah, you better calm down, afterwards your children hear. but damn funny! i can imagine a mother of 5 yelling that to the manufacturer! muahahaha

and true, shit happens.
Anonymous said…
Yes, most Malaysian T-shirt manufacturers carry standard Malaysian XL, L, M, S sizes so it's pretty safe! As for the price, you won't really get a major price difference unless you order too little or far too much. :)

And about that part on the Jews and the Egyptians, there's a bit of history behind those verses, that does offer some context to God's actions:

Egypt once had a Jewish Prime Minister, Joseph. Under him the country flourished. By the time he died, the whole country was filled with his descendants who lived there peacefully. But decades later, a new King of Egypt had forgotten about Joseph and his service for the nation. And fearing the Jews who were multiplying like wild rabbits, he decided to force them into slavery. (Ex 1:6-11) So yes, God did punish the Egyptians for this. And no, God did not simply favour the Israelites. Only if they "obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant" (19:5)

But you asked a good question. Does having favourites make us unfair? If I had two sons and gave them both everything I could, yet one of them likes to hurt and torture his poor defenseless brother would it be unfair to pissed off at the bad son? I'll probably kick his ass.

Sorry for the long-winded comment. I kaypoh-kaypoh only. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
james : yeah, i asked him for a discount. :)
and he said the price won't differ much. 50 - 100 prints save a dollar only. MCH.

and thanks for the revelation. but unfair as i mean here is both of them has equal standing.


thanks for dropping by.


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