.i miss my movies.

if you all know me, you all would've known that I'm a movie freak. i mean i live on movies, i go to movies, i spend tons on movies.... basically you get the idea.

anyway, the past few days have been.. for lack of a better word, buzzing busy. I got this lar, that lar, whatever the lan cheow lar, I mean so many things lar, how to cope. the lecturer think i am a dog meh? MCH.

KNN, afterwards i was supposed to have 2 class, heck now also supposed to have class but thank god 1 lecturer go to australia, another fall sick. maybe the fall sick one no need to thank god lar, kesian her only wat. anyway, we have sooo many work that i can't have my daily fix of movies. i don't even know what goes on in the television anymore, cinemas, online , bla bla bla.

anyway, there are a lot of shows i want to see but dunno whether good or not, also got no money to see. but i just want to talk about them since i cannot see, i can talk kuar? MCH. I syiok lar!

the show that i've been waiting and wanting to see, also the uncle chong vcd shop got sell ady but i no money to buy yet is....
The longest yard.
this show is about prison football. starring adam sandler and chris rock. i call them the weird duo. i think goldberg is also featured for a bit but i can't be too sure cause it was like flashing past. but i think this show quite nice. anyone see b4? wait, donch tell me :) i want to see it for myself.

the seven swords.
this show is some artistic show by tsui hark. i dunno why but i also want to see.

herbie, fully loaded.
a car that can talk is just... cool. besides, the car looks like a beatle. i'm always in love with antique cool cars. and the fact there's lindsay lohan helps too. so far her movies are just nice to watch as a pasttime. nothing mind boggling but just OK for me.

lords of dogtown
unidentified actors in a true story. what more can i say?

these 4 shows the ah chong vcd shop got sell ady, somemore got clear dvd version. they claim dvd 9 but i say lan cheow, everything here also dvd 9 lar. I think if i look stupid enough, and I ask them "this (picks up a VCD) is DVD 9 format ar?" I think they would also say, "YES!"
MCH, think i got no brain izzit?

My car's suspension is going kantoi i think. mostly because of my fault. with all the faulty road in JB and i haven't changed it in 4 years, it kinda happens. but what to do, expensive you know. Maybe when i go back to my hometown lar then i see how.

I'm really fed up with this PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Nabeh), MCH, the KPM (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia) sponsorship also masuk ady but my PTPTN still kantoi dunno where. they want to keep it for interest hiar? tell me lar! MCH, if I no work i eat grass lar?
How about the people who really needs it? I bet they'll be going to Ah Chong Loan Shark. Then what future they have? MCH. Why did it all happen? Because PTPTN loan is late! CCB.

The government sector always also attitude like that. I dunno why.Always late. some more hiar, they look fierce, act fierce and thinks that we owe them money like that. They think like they're doing us a favour whenever we walk into their office. Sometimes i just feel like slapping their head and saying "HEY, LAMPA! I got pay wan you know! I pay not to see your f*cking face. If i want to see this f*cking face i better go to see monkey in zoo. The monkey CCB face also look better than you."

Really tiu wat right? It's like the show LOTR, the one where the ugly ogres attack Minas Tirith (humans one ar, with two ah pek statue). They stand in line and wait for their turn, one by one move forward. at last from behind also kena tiu in front also kena tiu. DOUBLE MAX PAIN!

minas tirith

then hor, i always say i busy, but stil i got time to update my blog and write shit like this. MCH. tomorrow i go to see my lecturer sure also kena this DOUBLE MAX PAIN!

knn. i think also scared. donch wan to type anymore.

but must tag first before i go...

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September 12, 2005


Anonymous said…
dun watch 7 swords...super long movie with senseless plot...YAWN...but good action tho.
Anonymous said…
wah! nasib i haven't watch yet! ah bo sure kena kau lat kau lat.

i hate yawn inducing movies.


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