.i do not sell for charity and you're not doing a charity.

ok, i've just listened to the latest podcast of PPSreview.

It features my Sexy Blogger Tee.

Read more about it here.

Direct link to the mp3 version of the podcast.

p/s: I am not doing this for charity. Buy it because you love the shirt and the design.. also it could be because you love me. but don't buy it thinking i'm a sick retarded child. I am actually normal and i have broadband for god's sake. It's just that I've grown up and I want to take a go at earning money. Not taking money. It's really okay if you really do not like the design and do not wish to buy it. I want my customers to be happy, not to be sympathetic.

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September 13, 2005


Boringest said…
"i have broadband for god's sake"

ROTFLMAO....that was really funny! =)


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