.i do drugs.

girls get their monthly spasms. i get my daily fix. it has been like that for the past few years. and in order to keep myself going, i need to take my daily fix religiously. god knows for how long before these dosages increase.

i've been reading man and boy by tony parsons and i really like it. not as in suspense like it, it's nothing like those detective stories, it's juts that it's a boring story, about people who actually go through love and life. if you're a male, read this.. some of us might be able to connect to the story. girls, you'd be better off with the shopaholic versions. :P

anyway, i've been doing drugs since i was small. not as in small dosages of drugs but big mother fucking dosages. what kind of drugs?

they are really ugly sons of bitches. little small circular pill kindamajiggy. i hate , heck i detest even the sight of it. i wonder why they can't just inject me with something everyday. or make me snif powder. maybe it'd make me look cooler than gulping down a couple of tablets in my home.

maybe i can take out the contents in a bar/club. cut the coke, and sniff it. but then, people might call the police. damn, why can't i make full use of my situation and turn it into something of a fashion statement. :)

ok, introducing daily fix 1. jettepar, manufactured by rotta

now this is the fix i've been taking religiously since i was like, a few years old.

what does it do? it makes you real cool with your head spinning around a couple of times and then you'd dance like a god... maybe that was ecstacy. bah! whatever...

second daily fix. ursofalk.

now this fix was just introduced to me a few years ago by Dr. Ding. Damn good, it's white and it can match any clothes you own. put it beside an ipod shuffle or a mac pc and it'll really blend in! mahai, damn cun punya pill!

ok, my third fix, propanolol.

this pill is said to lower your blood pressure. i wonder why i have high blood pressure at the first place.

one thing though, all of these pills do not make me better, they just make the symptoms better.

in the end, eating these might prolong my life, but it will never cure me.

if yo're taking drugs, how i would love to exchange places with you so i can stop using drugs.....

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September 2, 2005


Wingz said…
hang in ther buddy !!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jimmy,

Yeah, hang in there and hopefully everything will be alright soon although I don't really know why do you have to take so many drugs everyday... *hugs*

And I've read Man and Boy. Really nice book and you should try reading all his (Tony Parsons) books. It's about love, life, sacrifices and so forth.

Jimmy Ang said…
kyels : thanks buddy. i take drugs because i'm sick.

and yeah, will try to see some of his other books. now i just gotta finish the last few pages of man and boy.

James said…
always remember that you have many close ones around. hold on as long as you can. your family, girl friend and friends around. Do The Right Thing! That's the spirit!
akmj said…
Cheers to you! Your presence has greatly cheered up 5SPL and 26/77 (you know what it is right?)
btw, i was a bit shocked when i saw the title of the post... Know what i was thinking? *wink*
Jimmy Ang said…
james : thanks.

angela : wtf is 26/77?

oh wait... now i know...
bUttsH4k3r said…
fuseh, that's a shitload of pills. i have a friend, she takes 8 pills at one go. seems she's mastered the art of popping many pills in her mouth at one go.
Jimmy Ang said…
butty : yeah, i once popped a shitload of pill.. maybe 12 into my mouth and gulped it all in one shot. damn funny!


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