.i am stalked.

yeah, it seems that i might've been stalked.

you see, i teach english in a language center and a couple of weeks back they gave me these brochures to be distributed (500 pieces). being the lazy guy that i am, i left it in the backseat of my car (it still is there).

anyway, the brochure contains the contact number for the main administration headmaster who knows me by my name but i guess she can't be bothered to remember my number.

today i met her.

she told me that two weeks ago, a guy... A GUY called her three times to ask for my phone number. The guy called in the morning, the afternoon and even once in the night. I was like WTF?

why? she said that he saw the brochure in my car and claims to know me. He wanted to know my contact no. He even knows my name.

Why can't he just leave a message on my windshield telling me to contact him asap?
why can't he just stop calling the first time? i mean, didn't she make it clear to him?

who the hell is stalking me? MCH! I scared leh!

the way i see it, got a few kind of people who would want to find me using such desperate measures :

  • 1. he's in love with me. which means he's gay! OMFG! I'm HOT!
  • 2. he hates me to my guts. which means i'm in trouble.
  • 3. he knows me from a long time ago. but i'm sure he has friends who knows me, since all my friends are connected one way or the other. just get another friend to tell him the number.
  • 4. i owe him money. which i don't think that's possible cause i don't lend money from strangers. and even if i did, i wouldn't want to call him back! and how can he not know my number and lend me money? impossible right!
  • 5. he banged my car and wants to pay me back money. i've not seen any big dent in my car so i doubt people in malaysia is that good. the motto usually is "no one see, we run"

kanasai, i also dunno who he is... but whoever he is, here, i give you my contact number, please don't call my boss again....

please don't call me during the night time and ask me to wake up and pee.

please don't call me and ask me for phone sex

if you really think that was my number, you must be an idiot who thinks with your backside.

*apologies to the real owner of the number. i typed it in randomly.

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September 12, 2005


totoro said…
maybe it's the owner of the previous fake number you gave out... ;)
Jimmy Ang said…
totoro : OMFG! you mean he found me! CCB! run forrest run!

8555 : bettere put the largest condom in the world on your exhaust. scared got new car disease called CAIDS!


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