.how did TNB fuck me up.

well, this will be a relatively short post. why?

cause nothing fucking happened today?


cause TNB fucked me up inside out outside in!

well, first of all, there was no electricity from the early morning until late afternoon. then it got back up for like 15 minutes then bang! no electric again.

after that electric back at 8, then bang, no electric back after 10 minutes. after that yes! electric again! then no... now it's 3 am and it's we've only gotten our electricity back like 1 hour ago.

fuck TNB. licking us and making us moan. and then when we tengah high and want to keluar already, they fucking stop.


pardon the fucking language but what to do, when you get horny you tend to be rude and vulgar. fuck TNB, so hiow! moan lar, moan! chau chee bye. i go there screw you then you know ar! Mahai!

fuck this place. fuck JB, fuck UTM, fuck everyone, fuck fuck fuck.....

ahhhh, i feel sooooooooo fucking relieved!
September 7, 2005


Andrew Wong said…
wow... seems like the electricity making you get... real piss...
Jimmy Ang said…
you should've seen my housemate

btw, your profile pic look like some soft porn box for the dicks... no kidding...

:) just kidding. nice effects.


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