.herbie, fully loaded : a review.

yes, i've spent the last two hours watching this show. let me recap and give the best review i can ever give!

Ok, the movie is about Maggie Peyton (Lohan), the new owner of Number 53 - Number 53 is the number for Herbie (duh!) and in the process of acquiring this wonderful car who can do everything as if driving at the speed of 200 is just like walking for us humans.

Maggie Peyton is the normal kid around the block. it's just that she has a knack for driving, yes, driving fast. Racing seems to be in her blood (aren't everything in every show?) since her gradfather was a legendary NASCAR racer. Now, although forbidden by her father to follow the footsteps of the family, she is slowly but surely stepping into the path of NASCAR racing. Professional racing as compared to her previous Street Racing career.

However, what i'm disappointed about this whole show is the lack of depth given to the characters. There ws none real transformation. All the actors except Herbie were stale and seemed to lack the personal touch that other movies can give.

This is a real short and linear story about good versus evil, arrogance versus modesty, friendship on the line, butt getting kicked movie.

I wouldn't say I regret going to Uncle Chong and getting a copy of this DVD but I can surely say that it wouldn't be worth it if I catch this in the cinema. It was stale and lacks character development.

all i can say is that this story is a meagre attempt and banks in more on the current popularity of lohan than the story itself. I perfer Freaky Friday, Mean Girls or Teenage Drama Queen over this any time. This was just unrealistic and it did hinder my personal growth watching it for 2 hours.

overall rating : 3/10

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September 16, 2005


Anonymous said…
I should have been in the movie. Not herpies.
mob1900 said…
I just wanne see Lohan's boobs bouncing while driving a bug.

bounce! bounce! bounce!
Jimmy Ang said…
8555 : my ah dee should go in first. then only you!

mob : lindsay's boobs didn't bounce an inch also. which was a waste


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