.help me professor.

i've been busy with assignments the whole week. like i said posting will resume at the end of this week. this friday, all hell will break loose and i will be partying like hell hopefully.

here are some excerpts from my e-mail discussion with my professor :

Me :
Dear Prof Ummul,
Okay, I have been transcribing non-stop for the past few days.
If I don't die because of the exhaustion, I guess I will die because of the constant buzzing in my ear from the headphone and loud voices.

.... bla bla bla. ellipsis.. bla bla bla...
Her :
dear jimmy,
transcribing data and hearing funny voices in your ears while doing discourse analysis
will not kill anyone but not doing/not facing these while doing discourse analysis
will! [there's another case of elipsis for you!]
for those who are in my class, you would definitely know how scary this message is... ironic at the same time.

anyway, gtg.

listening to numa numa by o-zone
September 8, 2005


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