.girls are weird.

girls are weird. how come they say this one is nice?



Which one more cun har? WEB 1 or WEB 2?
September 1, 2005


Anonymous said…
aih i prefer the first one lahh

i think the 2nd one will look much nicer if theres no watermark? (itu http://jeemee bla bla)

Jimmy Ang said…
of course lar the original design no watermark... so you prefer the 1st one?

1 vote for web 1.
Lisan said…
I prefer web 2, because the colour's sweeter, if the cute pirana fish in web 1 can be put in web 2 will be superb. LOL!
Jimmy Ang said…
lisan : at last! a sensible and tasty (as in got taste) gal!

yeah, the piranha fish is cute but it won't fit into the web 2 theme. :)


1 for web1
1 for web2
akmj said…
*hands at waist*
*stares at jimmy ang chiew chuan*

how dare you poke fun at our template? my group member slogged like hell k?


hey jimmy i'm kidding lah... not angry, just amused ;-)
Jimmy Ang said…
mildred.. you must be a girl too! argh! this is getting too much for me. :)


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