.fuck my pc chao chee bye.

today i very the pekchek. my fucking pc chao chee bye hang like hell. MCH. i very de toolan! dunno why.

my pc has been with me through life and hell, through words and doom. yeah, microsoft words and doom3d. now i damn toolan cause my pc no more like me. he like to sleep. everyday sleep. cis, although i feed him (make more space) and bathe him (reformat), he still wan to kan me kao lat kao lat! CCB. that gay PC jeles because i no more play with his neneh reset button and kuku power button! i now play with my laptop genitals.

i damn hate my pc but he so long witch me, i donch dare to scold him. i very pity him. i make him work like slave 24 hours a day. i make him take all the cum from bittorrent and kazaa. damn, now i think he damn toolan! want to sleep only. some more i ask him to open his mouth also damn slow.

i sometime also quite regret. i make him go through all the surgery. i think he now think he damn ugly. but i think he damn keng wat, i modify him look like ah beng car. i can't put up any pictures of my pc but it looks bulky and big. with water squirting out from his heart and liver. more like cpu and gpu.

now, i think my pc damn slow. wan revenge. i open him just now. cannot put on SMART hdd capability. MCH, if my hdd not smart then he must be dumb lar! CCB. i hate dumb pc. makes me dumb also. i hate that.

also cannot overclock. that is like my pc without steroids. like my small bro without viagra. damn, cannot naik tinggi tinggi. i hate that. i hate everything. maybe i need to add more ram, maybe buy another hdd. but whatever it is, CCB, i waste my fucking money! CCB, PC you go to hell and suck satan's lan cheow!

just kidding. i will forgive you if you just come back to DADDY and start being the electronic whore bitch that you are.

I love you. Please come back!

Or I'll fuck you up, you CCB kia...

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September 15, 2005


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