.friends are like this one ar?

yes, life is really testing and my reflexes today. i have been basically beaten up.

my body is all battered and my soul is tired.

the workload is getting to my brain. i can't think and i can't work with such enormous amount of work and pressure intensity.

i've been procrastinating for far too long. but there is a project of mine which i can proudly say i haven't been procrastinating. that's because she gave us only a week and a half to complete. basically we need to find 20 subjects to talk, maybe some kind of conversatio. after that we need to select 10 -16 and transcribe them. i've a feeling it was going to be hard. but i never knew it would be this hard.

as i feel angry and frustrated today, i heard a loud scream this morning. three times. my housie is shouting.... again, as usual. she's even throwing things. a lot of my other housemates feel scared.

well, it woke me up, i won't deny that. but i don't really give a flying fuck.

then my other housie went out to advise her. it was obviously apparent that advices will not work.

she's still shouting and throwing.

now, the problem is this, she keeps on throwing tantrums when she feels like it. usually it's because of the workload and she feels stressed up.

nabeh. want to sleep also cannot. nasib baik got class later.

is it ok, to disturb the peace and emotions of people around you when you are stressed up?

is it ok to kill people when you are angry? NO.

is it ok to fucking shit all around the house cause you said you WILL clean it back afterwards? NO.

she says that if we are friends, we should be able to be there for her not only when she's happy but also when she's sad. friends are not only for the happy times. yes i know that.

but what are friends for?

friends are not the people to pick up the mess you leave after you drink beer and puke it out in their house.
friends are not the people to lend their room when you want to have a quick fuck with a one night stand.
friends are not the one to adapt and give in to you whenever you want.
friends do not need to stand your useless tantrums everytime you feel stressed up.

but friends are the one who will lend you a shoulder when you feel like crying.
friends are the one who will stand up with you when you are being bullied
friends are there for you to talk to when you're sad.

do you call your friends bitch, whores, cunts, and sluts everytime you feel like it?
yes, you can if they did something wrong like kill your mom or dad or even snatch your boyfriend. maybe even if they forgot to pay you back 10 cents from yesterday's mamak session, you can fucking scold them. mana tau, you could be kedekut siut.

but you can't expect everything to be same again after you open that big mouth. you can't expect everything to go back to normal once your fire has subsided.

you can't go back and tell them sorry.. or ask them how's the class and act as if nothing's happened.

it's wrong.

she said it's none of my business, but it is cause i live here. maybe not personally but it fucking is irritating.

we are not your families nor are we your boyfriends, we cannot tolerate it everytime...

friends are the pillar for support,
not the punching bag.

if you had a housie like this who shouts everyday and throws stuffs (i mean hard solid objects like books and chairs) or slams the doors and phone... what would you do?

me, i've been acting non-chalant about it all the time. :) well, she doesn't step on my tails.. at least not yet.

p/s: i know she reads my blog but this is a reflection of my thoughts and this is MY blog. it is not a rant nor is it a bitching post about you. like i said, i usually stay out of people's lives but you shouted until the neighbours also can hear, MCH. how to expect me to tahan? want to sleep also cannot. somemore not you alone feel stressed up. be considerate, that's a social etiquette.

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September 6, 2005


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