.found this weird thing and killed it with coolant.

yeah, i found this weird thing. me thinks it's a centipede or whatever shit.

it wriggles like a sperm

anyway, as my mates were scared of it, i tried to play with it. it scared the bejezzus out of them.

anyway, after playing with it, i then proceeded to put it into a bottle and insert some PIKA radiator coolant. costs me 8.90 cents from Jaya Jusco. I think I only poured about 5% of the coolant in. The coolant was 288ml.

no ovum here fuck head!

bah, i only wanted to know if it would die after a few hours or after a few minutes..
it actually died in like one hour. tough luck centipede. see you in your next life.

p/s: it is okay to kill rodents and "serangga perosak".

after i play with it, i went to bathe. yalar, the thing look like sperm. after play with sperm need to bathe mar! so i went to bathe, then the fucking centipede punya mother or father i dunno (cannot see the kuku or neneh... ) come and crawl up my leg. geli man! i didn't kill it this time, just washed it down the drain. mahai. talk about yucks and SCARY!

on a different note, my k700i's joystick decided to fuck up. sent to warranty. now i'm left with my trusty old old old old 3210. which works fine also :)

3210 : "fuck your old neneh.thank you for inserting such a hard cock into my plug.
i've been a bad girl, now i deserve to be punished. insert deeper. put your cum into me."
this is probably how a handphone feels when charging it.

nokia makes such good quality products. i once accidentally left my nokia 3610 in my pants and it went into the washing machine. after i dried it and a few hours later, it fucking WORKS! perfectly fine at that.

deciding i wanted a warranty, i doused it in the sink and hammered it into a pail full of water... then it still fucking WORKS! Amazing! All this while the Nokia 3610 was on. maybe they had an auto-off security electronic shutdown kindamajiggy.

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September 6, 2005


Anonymous said…
hey..my poor 8250 dropped a gazillion times n then its vibration went dead...not so invincible huh..n then..it got stolen :(

i guess 3310 is still the best :) can drop in toilet bowl n still work fine!
Jimmy Ang said…
et : a gazillion times is a lot of time. so maybe your 6250 merajuk. donch wan to vibrate. and then hopped to a better owner. haha

i mean if i "jentik" your teeth slowly a gazillion times also your teeth will fall down. haha

but old stuffs are tougher. now, everything is soooooo delicate.

fall down one time... bye bye!
Anonymous said…
no lah, my teeth very strong 1.. last time i fell down n landed on my front teeth n they're still standing without a crack :)

yalor, kereta now also bang one time habis kemek..lol btw the mechanic said tiara really needs coolant instead of water...cos it tends 2 overheat..haha yikes.
Jimmy Ang said…
et: lol, i feel like i'm talking to an alien.

your teeth so strong ar? my teeth landed on a crash and bengkok all ady.

thank god you asked the mechanic. haiks.. my car also always overheat leh! wonder if need coolant all the way or not.


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