.for the sake of education.

previously, i designed a t-shirt for a drama presentation.

a fellow student from MMU with the alias "Blankurt" asked me for it (he saw it from our tesl-utm blog). At first I wanted to charge him RM100 for the design but he said it's for educational purposes. He was organizing a camp to Bekok, Johor and wanted to print t-shirts for the camp i guess.

he saw my previous design. Which I did not print due to some issues. It was a waste because I kind of like it. Compared to the one which came out eventually I really prefer this one.

Anyway, finally me and him struck a deal, I asked him to send me two complimentary t-shirts, one S and L size as a souvenir i guess. Maybe I'm gonna hang it on my wall of t-shirts created. so far, it has nothing on it. One day, maybe one day my walls won't have enough space for the amount of t-shirts i designed and got printed.


anyway, here's a preview of the previous design.

it was supposedly meant for a drama presentation called "The Enchanted Forest".
can't wait to hang this on my wall :)

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September 13, 2005


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