.farewell party my ass.

fuck, last time my friend farewell go back to australia, we never throw a party for him. that fucker go to australia to pick fruits. he say there can get more money. i think he said he can earn a more than 10,000 a month RM there. I said, so big kang tao, CCB, never call me ar! I mean, got so good meh punya frog jumping around the road meh! (cantonese translation).

budden hor, my friend so bad he say the economy in malaysia, until have to go australia to earn money. i pity his family, donch know will miss him or izzit they kick him out wan! haha!

anyway, i very sad my friend go other country. i wan to make big party for him, so i go to buy karipap for him. i buy a lot, and i belanja him drink teh tarik and maggi goreng. he say very happy, wan to cry. i say lan cheow, you dun cry in mamak, make me look like faggot! CCB.

budden, you see, my fren eat karipap, maggi goreng and drink teh tarik also can cry budden malaysian big customs D-G got 5 million dollar also party also dun wan to go. MCH.

i think hor, this fella really need a big wake up call. people give you 5 million dollar farewell party you just go and accept and enjoy lar. if people gimme 1 million dollar farewell party i will slap them from here to china. why? because hor, the money you gimme as farewell present better. CCB. you think i stupid meh! i rather wan the money hor!

and then somemore so stupid, he say:
“If they still want to organise it for the sake of the department, they can go ahead. But I won’t attend,” he said.
MCH, dun have you what for we all go. Right or not? it's like going to a birthday party without the party boy or girl. wan to do what? celebrate the mother give birth to you ar? wan to give present to the mother and father ar? happy birthday auntie, today you give birth to the bastard ah beng kia! congrats congrats. this present for you and your son ok?

CCB lar. they got mother's day for that lor.

and then hor, they all also...
Instead of dining by the beach, the officers would have dinner at the Aishah Mosque after tahlil prayers. A source said this would save the department at least RM9,000.
CCB, got posh place for you sponsored by the gahmen you dun wan. you wan to go mosque and eat. if people sponsor me to eat, you think i wan to go to temple and eat ar.. mahai, i sure ask for more allocation man! i will my party bigger than linkin park concert.

i pity my friend, before he go, he only stay at house. cannot fly here fly there to say bye bye. but then hor, this fella can fly here fly there to say bye bye. the aeroplane who sponsor wan? har? i just asking, no need to get all ISA on me har!

sometimes i just donch know what these gahmen people thinking lar. when they kena shoot by the people, all they can say is they disappointed in us. even last time the Ah Pong(AP) issue also same. The woman say she sad, MCH, we more sad lar!

Now, this fella is crying...
But a teary-eyed Tan Sri Abdul Halil Mutalib (pic, left), embroiled in a controversy over a purported RM5mil farewell bash, made it clear that he will not attend any goodbye party even after the matter is sorted out.
why he crying? MCH. People say he got 5 million party not happy meh? If people say i got 5 million party i sure jump up high, but if they say.... APRIL fool or something liddat, i sure cry in jail, because someone sure kena kill.

at last i think i pity my friend, he got 5 dollar retirement party he happy like hell, this fella got 5 million retirement party he sad like hell. WTF?

quotes from the star.

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September 18, 2005


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