.the dukes of my ass.

yes, i went to watch the dukes of hazzard. why? cause there was nothing better to do. yes, actually there are a lot of things better to do but i was dumb and stupid ok? it was either the fucking cave the lord of dogtowns or the dukes of hazzard. plain old name but jessica simpson looks damn tight.

well, i went over to city square again today. well, there's not much shopping malls here unlike in penang so, cs was like the only place to get a good movie with some good seats and some good sound effects. fuck me, i was dumb today.

anyway, was hungry and me and me mate decided to get a bite. we came to the 3rd floor if i'm not mistaken and we ate at the utmost corner, opposite sinma i think.. you know sinma.. those pinkish girlish shop havens. bleah! yucks.

anyway, i went over to the robin's .. something .. i think corner if i'm not mistaken and ordered their chicken. lokos nice, tastes ok. but i had relief in the fact that it was cheap. all together the rice, the half a chicken and a bowl of noodles costs 12 something i guess. pretty ok if ya ask me.

anyway, we went on to watch dukes of hazzard. i wasn't expecting anything fantastic but i was expecting a sensible and good story, i mean, these new guys have thousands of previous flops as an example, doesn't the phrase learn from other mistakes make sense? damn idiots.

anyway, the movie is about the family of duke. the dukes have a family womanizer, a family car racer, and a female wonder! other than that, there's the occasional father and mother hillbillies.

anyway, it's a classic good vs evil movie. if you plan to watch it, don't. get a fucking vcd or something. it's not worth the 6 bucks on a student day or movie day.

plainly put it. we get to see a lot of hillbilly crap, jessica simpson in tight and revealing outfit.. which could make up for 2-3 bucks of the whole ticket and also some car fast racing.the race is nothing like initial D or fast and furious.

well, i'm pretty disappointed. go find out for yuorself and contribute to sucky movies today!

on a different note...

who invented such a stupid design?

can tell me ar? i want the fella to go back to design school and ask his/her lecturer to give him/her a tight slap on the face. MCH, see also no taste somemore want to drink from this fucking bottle. well, maybe i'm a bit too rash.. but who the fuck cares.

and my car (ah Dee was hurt) ok liao! damn nice door for him! i'm all smiles :)

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September 2, 2005


Anonymous said…
lol... the shiny silver bottle was supposed to give a "futuristic" feel, what with the 21st century and all... haha, it does look tacky.
Jimmy Ang said…
chloe : yeah, futuristic? does that thing look in anyway futuristic to you?

this one looks more futuristic to me!

My kinda bottle
bUttsH4k3r said…
i just got back from mamak, and there you go. your roast chicken just did me in. i hate you.
Anonymous said…
Nice to know Ah Dee is OK!

p.s. Maybe I should be in a movie, no? heheheh
Jimmy Ang said…
butty : did it did you in hard and long? haha! dun hate me, i was just trying to make you happy :)

8555 : yeah, you should but as the main character or some weirdo loser by the roadside? make sure you get main character wor. or not your future is bleak.
akmj said…
good choice of restaurant... I've eaten there less than five times, but the food is good! (at least i think we're talking bout the same restaurant) :)

cheers to good food!
Anonymous said…
omg..u actually love ur ahdee so much...now i feel bad. my poor poor baby got dented and scratched all over n i never go fix him up...lol im a bad owner.


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