.do bloggers have privacy?

most of assume that since we are bloggers and we like to expose ourselves to the world. we don't fucking deserve a fucking private lfe. but i fucking beg to digress. bloggers are like you and me, we have a fucking private life. one which we do not wat associated in any way with the blogosphere.

why? since we are already revealing so much of our life on the net, i think it is only fair we get to have our own life. one which is different and maybe totally subdued compared to our blogging life. take me for example, i curse like hell in my blog regardless of who is reading. it can be the next door 2 year old son, or the 50 year old auntie from singapore. but the fact of the matter is, i don't care cause it's a choice you make and a privilege i give.

however, in my private life.. the one in the real world. i think before i speak. although i do swear, mind you.. quite a lot with my friends but i tend to keep my mouth shut when in front of inappropriate patronizers like kids, old poeple or people that i'm not comfortable with. why do we act so differently? cause speaking in real life is our responsibility while surfing is your responsibility. you can close the browser but you damn hard can't close your ears. at least not completely.

well, a couple of days ago, i found our friendly malaysian blogger's picture being put up on another site with his gf which he explicitly said he doesn't want to involve her in the blogosphere a couple of times. one can understand. i wouldn't want to pull my gf into the blogosphere also. what not with hamsap people everywhere. especially the recent suanie's hamsap people makes me more scared of bloggers. haha, just kidding.

anyway, the recent silent uproar has caused me much disrespect for people in the blogosphere, would it kill you not to whore your site with our personal life? would it kill you if you just leave us alone? wtf is wrong with you people? would you like it if i photoshop your mom and put her naked picture here? i mean, we all have our own privacy and we blog because we want to share our experience not share our life. experiences make life but so does people. people we love and people we care. it hurts us to see you posting such defamatory pictures and descriptions of the people who love us so dearly and whom we love so dearly too.

the way i see it, bloggers and movie stars or singers are no different, except that we earn a hell lot of less money doing what we do.

you see, movie stars expose themselves on worldwide television but do the paparazzis post naked pictures of people who they claim are his/her friend/relative? that is cause itself for a multi million dollar libel suit. who the fuck these bloggers nowadays think they are to mess with the fucking law?

would they want us to call them bastards because their mom is a whore cunt? (ok, maybe that's a bit harsh but i hate these fuckers) they have no life and they mean nothing to this world except pollution. their mere existence is a fucking pollution.

p/s: picture taken out.

want to know, go find out for yourselves.

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September 4, 2005


Anonymous said…
Last time I asked something similar to a blogger and she just went mad and hantam the readers. what a weird experience :P
Wingz said…
eh wats the 3rd pikchure is ???
CreativeBitchin said…
that's from http://xialanxue.blogspot.com.

i saw the 3rd picture, it's not nicole, rest assured.

and yeah, kenny definitely knows, but i suppose he's decided not to create a big hoo-ha out of the issue.

as a friend, i think what they did is crap. but as a blogder, i can understand what the fascination is with unveiling the private lives of famous people.

some of his closest friends are turning on him due to his popularity. it's sad, but it's life.
Anonymous said…

Really crazy pictures..

Anonymous said…
i don't give a fuck about how others get to know of my private life. yes i do have it.


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