.definitions of geeky and weird blog terms.

recently my blog has been swarmed by kanine punya comment spam. i wonder whether i should enter the word verification code. if i do, then the blurkers will not comment here. i mean, i like listening to other people's opinions and garner their information and views about mine. i love interacting... i guess i'm not the loner type of person.

so, blurkers, become a commenter now!

so far, my blog has not been that famous to accord for any link whores or link sluts disturbing me. but i'd love if someone would like to linky love me.

to the new bloggers, get your permalink out and start pinging PPS.

to old bloggers, you all might want to create a podcast. it seems really cool. but if you have a sucky voice, don't bother. if you have a cute feminie wonderful voice, tell me. i'll go download the podcast. :)

I wonder how a pornblog would sound like in a podcast?

nabeh, why blogger got no trackback wan?

just a simple post about definitions... :)
September 2, 2005


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